Poems about the Mid-Autumn Festival

Poems about the Mid-Autumn Festival: looked up at the bright moon, bowed his head to think of home;The moon on the sea, the end of the world at this time;I wish people for a long time, even though thousands of miles apart;Raise a glass to invite the moon, to the shadow into three people;Northwest wang xiang where is, southeast see a few back round;The moon on the sea, the end of the world at this time;Lover hatred night, unexpectedly evening acacia;Candle flow light full, clothes feel luzi;Unbearable hand gift, but also sleep dream.1. First of all, the Mid-Autumn Festival, acacia such as hook, every year tonight, such as practice.In a twinkling of an eye, the Mid-Autumn festival comes again. Time flows quietly like water, gathering all our thoughts.Mid-Autumn Festival this day gathers into the river, has been a lot of famous artists to the Mid-Autumn festival as the theme.Wrote down a lot of masterpieces, sustenance of their own thoughts, thoughts of the landscape of hometown, thoughts of those pure years hanging on the eaves of the old house today we enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival under our pen.Next, the moonlight poured like water over the leaves and flowers.A thin blue mist floated from the lotus pond.The leaves and flowers looked as if they had been washed in milk;And like a dream with a veil.Although it is a full moon, shining through a film of clouds, the light is not at its brightest;It is, however, just right for me, a profound sleep is indispensable, yet a snatched doze also has a savour of its own.The moon was streaming down through the trees, casting bushy shadows on the ground from high above, jagged and checkered, as grotesque as devils;The benign figures of the drooping willows, here and there, seemed painted on the lotus leaves.The moonlight over the pond is uneven;But light and shadow made up a harmonious rhythm like a famous tune played on a violin.When I was a child, I would sit idly outside the window of my apartment building every autumn night, waiting for the “moonlight”.If there is a cloud in the sky, I worry about “sparkling moon”.If I see clouds like fish scales, my care will be happy and pray for the moon to bloom quickly, because I have often heard that as long as there are “corrugated” clouds, there will be a moon;My mother had forced me to go to bed long before the moon shone, so it was only an unrealized imagination in my head.

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