A sudden!Xiamen Haicangwan Park everyone everyone

Last night, Valentine’s Day Xiamen, Haicang Bay Park everyone everyone long long long long long long long long long long long what happened?Beautiful!Blue tears!In addition to haicang Bay Park, bay Park also appeared a lot of “chasing tears.”At 7:00 PM last night, the “blue tears” did not appear in the bay Park, the coast was already full of “chasing tears” group, many couples holding hands sitting on the shore, waiting for the “blue tears” appeared.”I saw on the Internet that there are ‘blue tears’ in the Bay Park. Today, I came here with my girlfriend to’ chase tears’ and wait for the romance of nature.””Said Huang, sitting on the bank with his girlfriend.Level 4 outbreak level!In fact, the blue tears in Xiamen have been on since The 12th, according to the fans of “blue tears” on the 12th night, xiamen’s “blue tears” reached 4 class outbreak level (the highest level is 5 class:Big eruption) figure source @ seven elder brother figure source netizen @ too in intention source netizen @ Deep forest jian household call blue tears skill get – throw stoneHead photo source @ Suddenly come to summer photo source netizen @lw_wd and “blue tears” intimate interaction you can touch the starlight — Photo source netizen @Susan @ Xiamen photography Yiyu Qing Ning “blue tears” hit the top of the hot search for the first blue tears in 2022 crazy brush screen ▼ You have “chasing tears” card?Blue tears usually start to appear at the end of March. It is very rare to see blue tears in January, as this year.Experts say xiamen’s recent temperature rise may be related to another piece of good news — the blue tears will continue for several more days!!”Blue tears” “blue tears” is actually a kind of luminous algae that can produce light blue fluorescence, distributed in fujian, Taiwan and other coastal areas.This noctiluca alga is easy to gather locally under the action of tides, winds and currents, and will produce light blue fluorescence when stimulated by the outside world.Where can you see “blue tears” in Xiamen?According to the days net friends through small make up field “with tears” has released pack to tidy up the “tears” strategy of xiamen, bay park Gulangyu haicang xiamen university baicheng beach bay park figure source @ all above is not completely finishing is lucky the first terminal ferry still hope everybody comments added “chasing the tears start to source” herald reporter JiaoXiuBo Zheng Lijin comprehensive xiamen, yesSina Weibo picture source see signature or watermark editor Duan Min Strait Herald wechat (ID HXDBWX) integration editor

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