Coca-Cola China’s consumer interactive activity “Free ice and snow to welcome the Winter Olympics” was unveiled in Beijing

On February 4, the countdown to the Winter Olympics in Wangfujing was full of activity.Passers-by held up their phones to record the moment.On the occasion of the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Coca-Cola China’s consumer interactive activity “Free ice and snow to welcome the Winter Olympics” appeared in Beijing Wangfujing Commercial Street.Together with the highlights and assets of the 94-year History of the Games, the Coca-Cola Company has brought to the public a lavish lineup of historic Olympic torches, all-star Mascots, historic Olympic posters that blend classic and creative ideas, and interactive, immersive ice and snow sports experiences.Since its launch in October last year, the consumer interactive activity “Free Snow and Ice for winter Olympics” has lasted 104 days, covering 12 cities across the country and covering more than 12,500 kilometers, attracting nearly one million people to participate.From the design concept, to the lighting ceremony, to the torch relay, the torch has been the focus of attention at every Olympic Games.Coca-Cola’s relationship with the Olympic torch relay began in Barcelona in 1992.Over the past 30 years, Coca-Cola has sponsored 14 Olympic torch relays, making it one of the event’s oldest and most committed partners.In this nationwide interactive consumer campaign, Coca-Cola China brought eight Summer Olympic torches from Barcelona 1992, Spain, to Tokyo 2020, Japan, and seven Winter Olympic Torches from Lillehammer 1994, Norway, to Pyeongchang 2018, South Korea.It is not easy to assemble such a large historical torch, and many members of the public who participated in the event said they were “very lucky to be able to feast their eyes on this interactive event”.Coca-Cola China has brought together a family of Mascots for the Olympic Games, including the first ever Olympic mascots — shush, a skier who was born in Grenoble in 1968.From “Fuwa”, the mascot of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which is still well remembered by the public, a series of mascots with different shapes, which are widely loved by the public all over the world, once again show the public their personality and style, as well as the wonderful story of their “hometown”.The exchange of Olympic badges has become an epitome of Olympic culture.The Olympic badges on display have different shapes and novel designs, including many limited-edition badges and suits.As a loyal strong Olympic partners, the Coca-Cola company to promote the different activities of previous Olympic Games has launched numerous commercials do not provide craftsmanship, songs, and posters, including household classic, such as sandy lam &mark lui wrote the words came out in 2008, Lin xi composer, Jacky cheung’s “global phenomenon,” now listen to or have a boiling passion.In this interactive consumer activity, the public can closely review the classics and feel the passion and rhythm of that year through the classic advertisement playing area and poster exhibition area.To allow the public to experience the passion of the Olympic Games and embrace the expectations of the whole nation for The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the event has set up an immersive ice and snow sports experience area, where the public can experience the speed and passion of ski racing.The public will also be able to scan a QR code to view highlights of the event online and have a chance to win souvenirs.In the past 100 days, Coca-Cola China “Free Ice and Snow to welcome the Winter Olympics” consumer interactive activities have been successively appeared in Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other cities, footprint throughout 12 provinces and cities.The Beijing Station is the final stop of the campaign, which will welcome the public at Beijing’s Wangfujing Shopping Street from February 4 to 20.Through rich Olympic assets and interesting forms of interaction, the event ignited the passion of the People for the Olympic Games. It not only carried forward the Olympic culture and the Olympic spirit, but also brought the opportunity for the public to close into the Olympic Games and participate in the Olympic Games.Article/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Li Jia photo/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Fu Ding editor/Zhang Peng

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