Primary school six years how to plan?Key primary school teacher: parents should grasp the three stages of primary school

Primary school six years in the whole learning career to lay the foundation, if the foundation is crooked, the back will spend a lot of effort to pave the way again, time and trouble.Therefore, after children enter primary school, parents must have an overall plan for their children’s six years of life, and make clear the direction of their education for each year.But many parents for six years of primary school should be how to learn, how to plan feel very confused, most are to go step by step, want to grasp everything, but can not grasp the focus, leading to a mess of children.A teacher in charge of a key primary school with more than 30 years of teaching experience pointed out that the six years of primary school should be divided into three stages, and only by grasping the goals of each stage can children move forward steadily.In fact only four major elementary school, but there are four major learning also before and after the order, the arrangement of each semester and there should be a light is heavy, the head teacher recommendations, fix language class 12 subjects, form the advantage in the third or fourth year in subjects, five or six years level will advantage the subject method applied to the weak subjects, improve the overall level.Many schools began to learn English in grade one, so grade two, the main task of children is to focus on the roots of Chinese and English, especially Chinese.Chinese is the foundation of all subjects, Chinese literature is not good, children’s reading ability, understanding ability, writing ability can not keep up, no matter which subject will be affected, will learn more and more difficult.And the language is “child skill”, want to focus on remedial improvement is difficult.Focus on basic words and sentence formation. After class, new words and word list must be repeated dictation. All new words can be formed at least three words and two sentences.Synonyms and antonyms, polyphonic words and near words should be mastered.There are AABB, ABB word type will also.To cultivate children’s reading habits, let children learn to read independently, at the same time to expand the scope of children’s reading, extensive reading.Encourage children to output more mouth, develop language organization ability, for the third and fourth grade composition began to lay a foundation.The third and fourth grade is the first slide in children’s learning career, many children’s grades began to decline significantly, so they lost confidence.So it’s very important to help kids find confidence.This stage is not necessary to grasp, but to help children find their own advantage of the subject, and further consolidate and improve, at the same time to help children to establish a set of suitable for their own learning methods and skills.Help your child build confidence and stay interested in learning through strong subjects.In grade 5 and 6, the method of advantageous subjects is applied to the disadvantaged subjects. In grade 5 and 6, the foundation of children has been firmly laid, and the advantageous subjects are also relatively prominent. At this time, children do not need to spend too much energy on advantageous subjects.Children in this stage to learn to master, the advantage of the subject learning methods and skills, apply to other subjects, the results of other subjects to the above level.This will show a significant improvement in the overall performance of the child.Six years in primary school may seem easy, but in fact, primary school children have to go through three stages of development: infant, child and teenager, with great physical and mental changes.At the same time, the six years are the foundation for the next six years of learning, no matter in terms of children’s physical and mental development or learning content, the sixth year of primary school is the most important stage, should be the most attention.Parents must have a clear understanding and planning of this stage, in order to successfully spend six years of primary school this “accompany children through six years of primary school” recommended to the parents of primary school students.The book lists each stage of the six years of primary school, starting with the growth, life and learning of children, lists the focus of parenting and guidance direction, and gives clear suggestions and guidance.Through 10 themes, the author interprets children’s 6-year growth from various angles and in an all-round way.From learning to morality, from school year to vacation, from children to parents, parents can find specific solutions in the book.The author of this book is a teacher with more than 20 years of front-line teaching experience, rich practical experience, with a large number of case analysis, after reading, parents had a sudden insight.Click the link below to place your order.There are primary school students at home. This book must be read carefully.

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