Shanghai will launch 12,000 units of housing in the first batch of centrally supplied buildings in 2022

Dagong Real Estate News On February 14, the official website of Shanghai Real Estate Exchange Center released the list of newly built commercial housing to be listed in the city in the near future (the first batch of 2022).It is reported that there are a total of 33 projects, a total floor area of about 1.29 million square meters, a total of 11,812 houses, the average record price of about 57,900 yuan per square meter.According to the official website of Shanghai Real Estate Exchange Center, this batch of housing resources are distributed in pudong, Xuhui, Putuo, Hongkou, Minhang, Baoshan, Jiading, Fengxian, Songjiang, Jinshan, Qingpu, Chongming, Lingang 13 districts, there are 15 renewal projects, 18 new developments.Among them, there are 23 projects with an average record price of less than 60,000 yuan per square meter, accounting for 69.2% of the total area, and 5 projects with an average price of more than 100,000 yuan per square meter, accounting for 15.4% of the total area.The list also shows that the project subscription ratio is higher than the shortlist ratio, the starting score ranking rules;In all projects where the subscription ratio is higher than 1.3, the “5 years of sales” policy will continue to be implemented.It is understood that on March 3, 2021, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development, the Planning and Resources Bureau and the Housing Administration Bureau jointly issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of the Real Estate Market in Shanghai” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”).The notice makes it clear that part of the housing is limited to the implementation of the policy.That is, the newly-built commodity housing purchased by residents according to the preferential purchase policy can be transferred only after the purchase contract has been signed and put on record for 5 years.In this regard, Shanghai Zhongyuan real estate market analyst Lu Wenxi said to Dagong real estate, the batch of time schedule is relatively compact, the location is in the traditional area of concern, most of the real estate just need and just change relatively high.In addition, the steady supply keeps the market trading stable, but the lack of supply in March and April will still cause market anxiety.At present, the housing price is still in the market expected range.Moreover, the price of benchmark projects is stable, and other buildings will not have too much floating, which also stabilizes the market mood.

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