These “beautiful” cars are “models that eat little fuel”, what strength does it have?

These “beautiful” cars are “models that eat little fuel”, what strength does it have?Introduction: Finally look forward to the officer.I’m so excited.The author has been waiting for you here for a long time. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your great efforts. I wish all of you online smart, Pepsi cola and whatever you want to achieve.Must have many friends all know that the compact car, at the end of the day is refers to the aspects of its form, its displacement is usually between 1 point between 6 to 2.0 l, has not only through the performance is good, constant cost few such outstanding advantages, but also their configuration is quite reliable, is “the compact” can’t match the main advantages, and by most of the rice the favour of people,She also acted as a travel “hot property” for many friends.This time, I will talk about three kinds of compact car models with the highest cost performance and durability and value keeping in an objective and relevant unique perspective for those who understand cars. Compared with other car reviews, there will certainly be more attractive to you, and let’s see which one you prefer!Model 1: Elantra sales profile: Under the leadership of Beijing Hyundai, Elantra’s marketing vitality is absolutely particularly glorious since its launch on the market. In addition, the final land price of Elantra is very low, so it has been supported and praised by a lot of villagers.The next understand: elantra sales recently hit a record high, ranking unequivocally broke through the 17009 units, q4 in sales ranking 12th, progress is very big, the elantra has become the leading in the market, one of the popular compact appearance, certainly beat many compact list tough opponents.Although Elantra still has some shortcomings, the market charm of Elantra is still one of the leading levels in the market.Because Elantra’s fierce market influence is all you can see.Xiaobian thinks: Elantra market competitiveness is a standout, estimate in the near future will be able to compete in the car market field.The appearance level of Elantra is high, the car paint is very wear-resistant, and the lines of Elantra are also very beautiful and dynamic, which accords with the aesthetic style of the next., the high-end atmosphere of the head, and through the family waist line before low high, look very tall, and resplendent fog lights, not as conservative as the old model.Body analysis: The space of The Elantra is also full, while giving us a very refreshing feeling, the layout of the internal physical space is quite reliable, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Elantra is worth the money.It is 4680mm long, 1810mm wide and 1415mm high, so that even if there are three boys and girls sitting in the back seat, they can still cross their legs at will.This shows that Elantra is more reliable.That’s pretty cool.In addition, its trunk size is quite large, but also can fit a lot of things.It is absolutely comparable to the dormitory in terms of practicality, so I feel very satisfied.In addition to its elegant appearance and brilliant interior style, I am particularly satisfied with the power performance of Elantra: its theoretical power output reaches 115, and the transmission device is high-end CVT stepless. Many car owners think elantra is excellent in both acceleration and starting.That’s great.Moreover, the engine is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which can reduce the volume of the best effect.When it comes to displacement versions, Elantra has turbocharged devices as well as self-suction power. As we all know, 1.5L and 1.4T Elantra are very reliable.Dianping believes many car owners have the same feeling: the Elantra, designed by Beijing Hyundai, is the better compact car in the 140,000 yuan range.Elantra’s appearance level is in line with successful people’s aesthetic requirements, the front face is very domineering and fashion, very handsome.At the same time, the back row of the Elantra is also particularly ample, comfortable to ride on the seat, but also easy to control, worthy of Beijing Hyundai family sales killer.Mr. Wang, the owner of Elantra said: Elantra fuel consumption is not too high, which probably benefits from the use of elantra oil control technology, so more to meet the needs of more consumers to travel.Next run at ordinary times, in fact, most of the urban and rural roads, occasionally run high-speed roads, in addition, most drivers was surprised that looked so large compact car, eat less oil, the table of consumption value can be controlled within the 9 l, its oil consumption should belong to the normal range, at the same level in the compact will be able to be called is the most handsome.So I was pleased, and the elantra’s fuel efficiency was very reliable, although the actual fuel efficiency is expected to be even higher in inaccessible desert areas.For me, who is a student without family burden, the burden of fuel is not big, because saving a little membership fee at ordinary times can barely pay for ten or eight days of fuel.That’s a good one.Even if the run-in time of the suspension assembly is not particularly long, but it does not matter, after the late power system is further run-in, the fuel consumption of Elantra may be improved.Industry analysis: surely many friends will have such a feeling: suspension device is very solid, although the stability of Elantra control is relatively clear, but when the road condition is poor, can obviously feel the whole body in swing.If your age is relatively old, so sitting inside of the time is likely to feel P can not stand.When the vehicle is moving forward, it can occasionally feel the harsh squeak problem, especially when entering the steep slope of potholes, it will become more awkward. Moreover, in the process of shifting gears, the accelerator pedal of the compact car will occasionally vibrate a few times. Some partners also put forward some disadvantages: 1.The elantra smell was obvious when WE first got home.Bluetooth occasionally has bluetooth matching errors.3. The sight effect of the close light will be very blurred when it is raining heavily.Mg 6 face more before, and actually on the generation of mg 6 difference is not big, like the cow in winsome, China modest, look very sharp and at the same time, the mg 6 closed door handle place have adopted some eyes, the family has distinctive features of parts, all the brightness of the LED lamps,The irradiation length and width have also been greatly improved.In addition, the side of the Mg 6 car body movement is particularly obvious, the lines are relatively round, smooth, like water shining, further emphasizing the personality of the MG 6.And the car paint is very thin and soft, better looking.In my own favorite style.At the same time, the two REAR LED taillights have a strong sense of design, which looks quite “good”. Therefore, many young brothers have this feeling: the overall appearance of mg 6 is very creative.Both my client and my ex-girlfriend say that the mG 6 is unquestionably superior.Old driver Miss Han commented on mg 6: Whenever I have not enough disposable pocket money, often go to the “4 son” shop test drive, personal feel cash MG 6 sound isolation effect “thief” good, very quiet on the road, although the quality is so heavy, and so long, but the performance is very good.The third model escape 72,900 ~ 103,900 appearance:Appearance, its head is also super fashion, the elements of the family style grille and the headlights on both sides of the perfect combination, in addition, the style of the LED headlights on the front face is very energetic, the chassis is low, optimization is very good, looks like a sports car, at the same time, there is no lock the body lines,There are flagship compact car most like to use chrome wheel ornament, sharp and handsome, in addition, the tail is very personalized, as a whole, the movement is quite tangible have a car to give me a very extraordinary high-end sense.I mainly appreciate the design concept of the front face of the movement, because it gives me a feeling of special arrogance, and at the same time, it has a youthful and dynamic effect.The analysis of the interior decoration of Yiyi: I am satisfied with the whole interior concept of Yiyi. The materials are sufficient, the assembly process is in place, and the operation is fast. At the same time, the rotating button and the solid button have a cool sense of damping, which is my objective evaluation of Yiyi.In addition, the weight of the steering wheel is very appropriate, the grip is very “lose” suit, and the sensitivity of the throttle brake is also very good, the overall control experience is very good.In addition, the seat back of the back seat of the escape movement feels good, and the support is also very good. The inner padding of the seat is mainly made of soft materials. Even if you drive for a long time for several hours, you will not feel uncomfortable in your legs.I buy escape movement is mostly used to do a large shuttle, customers and friends say that sitting inside particularly comfortable.And escape so far has not found a little smell problems.And the noise in the car is almost imperceptible.Therefore, the driving experience of escape is very good.In terms of power, the starting process of escape was very fast. Both my male partner and I were shocked. There was no feeling of lack of stamina during acceleration.Basically a touch of the throttle, you can achieve overtaking.And when climbing is not particularly laborious, the noise reduction effect is also in place, usually do not feel deeply, is the basic experience of the engine under the exit, comfort and other aspects are quite good.In addition, because its power belongs to very strong, and I usually pick up the main, so there is no need to improve the power system of escape too much.Car friends comment 1: I personally think yidong’s appearance level is just one class excellent.The front end of the escape is long, and the headlamp shape attracts the eye, and the brightness is not any problem at all.And yidu net avant-garde processing is no doubt very eye-catching, decorated with unique chrome fabric, but also very shining LED lights, very fashionable and beautiful, in addition, Yidu multi-wheel can be said to be leading young trendy symbol.The size is also particularly coordinated, no matter the size or modeling details are very bright.This style is my favorite.At the same time, there are also grounding gas design lines, decorative board surface affixed with changan automobile family unique logo, there is a kind of high-end atmosphere tilt down.The run is so quiet!The trunk of the Escape is good enough to fit three or four suitcases without a problem.In general, the price of yidu is pretty good after all, and the high matching yidu is less than 100,000 RMB, which is very reliable and has no other drawbacks.From moving the owner of the miss hu said of it: I am a poor second generation, and therefore is quite arrogant, low level of appearance of the car, I’m not too not bashful to open out after start the car, however, every time and the old, small fart child out feeling te have a sense of honor, just touch the steering feel particularly comfortable, also particularly cool comfort, children often ask me to be moved from outside?I told you Escape was your dad’s ride.Juyou review 3: satisfaction, next to the dynamic nature is very satisfied, not only price great, comfortable, would also be great at the same time, since I was young, I especially like cars, many years later finally have a escape, driving the car also particularly comfortable, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, fuel consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of my travel.Car friends comment 4:The control of escape is unspeakable, and it looks like an electric car. The comments above are mainly shared by Elantra, mG 6 and Escape, with different prices. The compact car with lower price is Escape, followed by mG 6, and the elantra is the most expensive.The retail price of models from different “levels” is indeed larger.After checking, it was found that the lowest naked car prices in China were 103,800 yuan for Elantra, 109,800 yuan for Mg 6 and 62,900 yuan for Escape.Therefore, the price difference of the three is very big, I wonder if the compact car shown above is what you like?I would like to thank you for your reading and sincerely wish you all happiness and prosperity.If you like the above content, remember one key three link oh.These “beautiful” cars are “models that eat little fuel”, what strength does it have?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang

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