Ukraine is the key to Macron’s efforts to put the EU on an equal footing with China and the United States

Under the instigation of some Western countries, the contradiction between Russia and Ukraine is more and more acute, and there is even a tendency of war.At this critical juncture, French President Emmanuel Macron made a notable call not only to the United States, the biggest mover behind the Ukraine crisis, but also to the top leaders of Russia and Ukraine.Given the current state of France and Mr. Macron’s desire to run for a second term, the move also clearly smacks of preparation for the election.With France’s presidential election just around the corner, Macron clearly sees the significance of the timing.Moreover, France is also the rotating presidency of the European Union this year, and these cohappened power shifts make Macron’s re-election closely linked with France’s position in the European Union and the European Union’s position in the world.Macron naturally wants to increase France’s voice in the European Union, but his recent moves abroad also reflect his vision for the EU.Mr Macron wants to take advantage of France’s current presidency of the European Union to push the bloc towards independence and lay the groundwork for further elevation.If France’s place in the European Union were to soar, Mr Macron’s contribution to it would certainly secure his presidency.But things have not gone as smoothly as Macron had hoped. While Macron has been pushing for eu autonomy, the United States has been blocking it.The United States has been hyping up Ukraine not just to keep Russia in check, but to create a common enemy and bind the European Union to itself.The us is already in deep crisis over the energy strategy agreement reached between some EU countries and Russia.The Tension was felt again by the United States as Macron tried to mediate the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, and Yang immediately stepped in to force a war in Ukraine and put the European Union back on its side as quickly as possible, antagonizing Russia.The situation in Ukraine is no longer just between Russia and Ukraine. More and more countries are involved.Germany, the other de facto leader in the EU, is stepping down as Angela Merkel leaves office. If Macron manages to mediate between the two sides, France’s leadership in the EU will become even more obvious.Macron clearly does not want to keep the EU at the mercy of the US, and it remains to be seen what France will do next.Part of the reference information source: platoon head observation

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