Westbrook is talking and laughing, ready to go, and the front office is on the same page!

Westbrook is talking and laughing, ready to go, and the front office is on the same page!With less than three days to go before the trade deadline, the lakers’ front office is in a state of panic, with general manager Rob Pelinka trying to find a deal to take westbrook, but nothing has been done yet.Westbrook was aware of this and was ready to be traded away from the team at any time. Although it is not entirely possible to blame westbrook for the loss, his performance is sure to be seen by the fans.If the lakers want to win a championship, they need to improve their roster.There was definitely a need to trade for a dominant ball handler, but that was the wrong idea, and Pelinka was actively making calls to get rid of Westbrook.After James returned, the lakers beat the Knicks in overtime in a game that lasted 40 minutes and was won by throwing Westbrook out at the end.If one game and two is a coincidence, the game has been going on for so long that everyone can see with naked eyes that Westbrook is not fit to play with lebron.While his scoring per game looks good, he can never provide consistent perimeter shooting on offense.On defense, westbrook was largely responsible for the lakers’ biggest mistake.Vogel didn’t want Westbrook to start for a long time, but there was no other option, and it would have been irresponsible for the front office to leave westbrook on the bench with a $44.21 million salary.But having Westbrook as a starter, giving him opportunities, giving him minutes, means it’s going to be harder for the team to win.For the long run, this is clearly the wrong approach.But westbrook, for his part, didn’t care. He even laughed at news conferences and understood his situation, which is probably why he didn’t play with confidence.The Lakers were willing to give up a 2027 draft pick to get rid of Westbrook.Most teams would have a hard time with Westbrook, and it would be a negative asset. Although tucker and Nunn would be part of the deal, tucker doesn’t have a lot of value, and it’s not something many teams would consider.Even if there were teams willing to trade, westbrook’s salary would be prohibitive.The odds are that westbrook will be traded at the end of the season, when westbrook is in the final year of his contract.The lakers’ front office has reached a consensus that westbrook’s departure is just a matter of time.

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