Chu Yunfei first meeting three jie to talk about the war

Because before the war and the devil bayonet loss is too big, so Li Yunlong and Zhao Gang thought of a way to put the whole group of masters together, elite commandos.Yun-long li as a reward, a big pot of stew pork statement: able to eat meat, will not be able to drink soup is less than, put me down, eat meat, I put down, standing aside, if you think my yun-long li too much, it doesn’t matter, there is a basket, give me a hand grenade thrown into it can eat meat, both can eat meat.Theater of the KMT Shanxi Army 358th regiment head Chu Yunfei was ordered to study as a friendly army to independent group exchange.At this time, Li Yunlong remembered the festival before 358 regiment, he said: that year xinkou battle, is the 358 regiment guarding the crossing of the Yellow River, I took a new regiment prepared to cross the Yellow River, the 358 regiment deputy leng is not let, at that time I was so angry that almost didn’t order dozen past!Yes, that’s the 358th.Zhao Gang said: I didn’t expect that, you and 358 regiment still have such a little trouble, but today for you to visit, you can’t just knock people into the south wall, after all, is a friendly army.Li Yunlong said: Friendly forces?It was this friendly army I was guarding against.Chu Yunfei arrived, the two sides met after a few pleasantries, then went to inspect the troops.Inspection, both sides and sent men to test martial arts, Chu Yunfei showed a hand, two guns together hit two birds, Chu Yunfei gave a Browning pistol to Li Yunlong, and then Chu Yunfei gave Li Yunlong a problem: I yunfei want to live in your army for a few days, I think Brother Yunlong won’t just talk to me?In fact, Chuyunfei Whampoa military academy class background, before can look down on the mud, that these soil eight road is just a rabble, but, the eighth route Army anti-japanese achievements, especially the brilliant achievements of independent regiment, seconds they a few streets, let him feel inferior, had to admire!So I came here to exchange and learn.When the three of them were sitting together, Li Yunlong said: Oh, our chu brother was born in Whampoa, and our old zhao was born in Yanjing. I’m the only one who is a bumpkin.Chu Yunfei asked: Brother Zhao read in Yan University?Zhao Gang said: A few days, but not a good student.In 24, the North China Incident, my classmates and I just class.He went to the streets to petition Generalissimo Chiang for resistance against Japan, and never went back to school.Chu Yunfei looked down on the scholar at that time, sarcastically said: Alas, brother Zhao is a scholar, the national crisis, to join the army, serve in the field, is a model for us ah, admire.Zhao Gang measured ground answer: dare not, chu head polite.I have heard that colonel Chu is a graduate of Huangpu 5.Chairman’s high foot, yan Xishan’s red man, I’m afraid this small temple of the Shanxi Suiyuan Army can’t hold you, the true god?He must be a new star in the military world.Against general Chu Yunfei’s army.Chu Yunfei said: ashamed, ashamed.Brother Zhao is worthy of being born in Yanjing.Brother Yunlong, your 18th Army has wasted its talents too much.With his literary talent, brother Zhao should not be a commissar in an infantry regiment.Honestly, I always thought fighting was for professional soldiers.Literati have their own way of serving their country.Since ancient times, it has been admonished and fought to the death, sending a scholar to the battlefield.A loss to the country!Chu Yunfei meant that scholars were not fit for war.Li Yunlong said: Brother Yunfei, I don’t like to hear this. Old Zhao is not a sour man of letters.First time on the battlefield, he showed me what he could do, 150 meters away, and he killed three devils.Of course, on this point, there is not a member of our regiment who refuses to accept.Chu Yunfei was dubious, said: Oh, this can let me sit up and take notice.Brother Zhao, I wish I had time to see your marksmanship.But Zhao Gang did not respond to his words for the time being.Then the conversation turned to talk of the military.Zhao Gang said: Xin Kou war is the second world War area of a big failure, Yan Xishan’s platoon platoon although is vigorous and victorious, but the battle really not how.Your army is keen on positional warfare and lacks the spirit of active attack.Hundreds of thousands of men.After three days of fighting with the Banigaki Division, the whole line was put on the defensive, and your troops were overwhelmed by the Japanese at a stroke.After our attack on yangmingbao airport, the Japanese were unable to carry out large-scale attacks.If Governor Yan had seized the aircraft to carry out a full line of counterattack, I’m afraid the result would not have been what it was later. Unfortunately, your army only passively formed a stalemate with the Japanese and missed the opportunity.When niangziguan, Yangpingguan and other areas have been lost, Yan ordered xinkou garrison in full retreat, and finally lost Taiyuan, Xinkou battle is really weak.Li yunlong simply said, This Yan laosi, oh, this yan chief, his command is not so good, and his cowhipped-skin is so loud.Chu Yunfei interrupted: Brother Yunlong, that’s my old officer.He, too, has his difficulties.However, it was not only the Jin Suiyuan army that lost the battle. What about the Central Army?The battle of Zhongtiao Mountain lasted more than a month, the central army lost eighty thousand, while the Japanese.Less than three thousand, one to twenty-six, regarded by the Nationalist government as the biggest mistake, but also the biggest shame of the war of Resistance.’It’s a fact that China is weak and poorly equipped,’ Mr. Zhao said.But the biggest problem is people.Think about it. In the battle of Nanking, the Nationalist government mobilized 120,000 troops with great slogans. They fought with Nanking to the last soldier, but only lasted three days.The city was destroyed and tens of thousands of soldiers were captured. This is a very clear case. What was missing?In a word, it is the courage to burn Bridges and the momentum of the enemy without self.If the outside is not held, we should retreat into the city and fight street battles. The squad and men should fight for themselves and turn the city into a fortress. Even if they are killed in battle, they should deal a heavy blow to the enemy before they die, so that the invaders will pay the price of blood for every step forward.Chu Yunfei listened to also have the same feeling, said: for the Battle of Nanjing, brother I also have views, a word, deeply grieved.When tens of thousands of soldiers lost their structure, they became leaderless and a flock of sheep, laying down their arms and being slaughtered.What are they holding in their hands?It’s not a poker! It’s a weapon!Even if there is only one left, we must fight to the death!Brother Zhao is right. It’s not about weapons, strategy and tactics.The most important thing is that a soldier should keep fighting while he still has breath.As long as there is such a spirit, well, there is no way the Japanese want to enslave China.Li Yunlong said: well, the Fighting power of the Devils is indeed not weak. In terms of weapons and fighting power, we are obviously at a disadvantage.But if he wants to bully you, we must fight back. If we can fight, we must fight. If we can fight, we must fight well.Chu Yunfei said: Yunlong brother’s troops, I have heard, that just a regiment, the battle of cangying Ridge, defeated the bantian team, killed Bantian Dazuo, Li Jiapo battle, Yagasaki brigade was completely destroyed.Brother Yunlong’s exploits have spread throughout the second world War zone.Even Generalissimo Chiang and Prefect Yan praised it.Li Yunlong said, Generalissimo Chiang does not often praise others, but I, Li Yunlong, do not deserve it.Chu yunfei said: It seems that brother Yunlong still has some prejudice against Generalissimo Chiang, which is really wrong.Now the Kuomintang and the Communist Party are cooperating. We are friendly forces. It is better not to mention the prejudices of the past.Zhao Gang said, It is easy to say that we are willing to believe in Generalissimo Chiang’s sincerity. Today, we will not talk about politics, but about military affairs and national interests.Chu2 yun2 fei say: rightness rightness rightness, zhao elder brother, sorry, just now elder brother I look down upon you, have eye to see taishan.Brother Zhao is also a man of blood, with the wind of Yan Zhao and such talents.The country is very lucky, the nation is very lucky.Brother Zhao said well, the composition of a country’s army should be composed of a group of hot-blooded young people, who take defending national sovereignty and safeguarding national dignity as their own duty.Those who want to make a fortune on military career cannot fight at all, but will only lose face to our Chinese soldiers.Li Yunlong said: Ah, I like to hear that.To be a soldier is to have backbone, is to have a fight to the end.Like a swordsman, and his opponent came into a narrow encounter, he found the other side was the best swordsman in the world, at this time he knows is dead, must also show a sword, not the courage, don’t be a swordsman, fall under the opponent’s sword.Not disgraceful, that call though defeat still glorious, our Chinese soldiers can not be cowards, every enemy will show sword, never vague.Chu Yunfei said: “Well, brother Yunlong’s words are very good. Every time you meet an enemy, you will shine your sword.Well, although chu three families can destroy qin.There is no empty China, this is my Chinese army soul.At this time, Zhang Biao came over and said: head.But he stopped short.Li yunlong said: Don’t be so secretive.Said, my regiment of all important military aircraft all open to chu commander.Zhang Dabao report said: commander, in accordance with your order, this morning I again sent three classes to white village to press flour.President Bai said flour had been brought in from elsewhere, but it would arrive tomorrow morning.He told us to go tomorrow, and to take more men with us, because there were several sacks and we couldn’t carry them.Colonel.Looks like the fish really did bite.Zhao Gang said: Lao Li, be careful.Maybe the enemy wants our fish.’You see, our military has always advocated democracy, even in military operations,’ Mr. Li said.In the process of discussing the military together in this three heroes, Chu Yunfei and Li Zhao gradually eliminate estrangement.Chu Yunfei is one of the main characters in the TV series Liangjian, and also a favorite character in the original novel.In the original work, he was an elite general of the Kuomintang, a student of the fifth term of the Huangpu Military Academy, and the head of 358 Regiment of the Shanxi Suiyuan Army during the Anti-Japanese War. He had a deep relationship with Li Yunlong of the Communist Party.In 1945, he went to study at the Army University of the Nationalist Government. In 1956, he was appointed deputy commander of the Kinmen Garrison, awarded the rank of lieutenant general and later promoted to general.Li Yunlong died in 1968, in Jinmen with broadcast mourning Li Yunlong, after the reform and opening up, but also to the mainland business, and bought Li Yunlong’s former residence as a souvenir, in his grave burst into tears, leaving only five words, should not be so ah, it can be seen that Chu Yunfei is how appreciative of old Li.The role of Chu Yunfei in the liangjian TV series is played by Zhang Guangbei, who graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. Good education, noble temperament, patriotic enthusiasm, proud talent, elegant manners, lofty sentiments, wise thinking and supreme courage and friendship are displayed vividly on him.It can be said that Chu Yunfei, played by Jang Gwang-bei, absolutely meets all our expectations for our outstanding soldiers.

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