Country love 14: scriptwriter force plug 2 people, ivory hill three titans contend for matchmaker, 4 love line chaos

Article | roast entertainment footsteps getting closer and closer to the Spring Festival, in the atmosphere of more and more strong, in that moment of reunion, by zhao benshan’s team “the Spring Festival for the drama” “country love 14″ and also to.The country Love series has been with viewers for 16 years. For many viewers, watching Country Love has become a habit.”Rural love 14” after the online praise, the story line is clear, the plot is more funny earth gas, Wang Xiaoli return to happy upgrade, ivory Mountain three giant with the box PK laugh scene also returned.The drama has aired 10 episodes of content, the main contradiction of the plot has been clear, the whole season will be around ivory Hill Cooking competition, at the same time aquatic products management, live base construction, ivory Hill service station operation and other branches are also synchronized.Judging from the 10 episodes of Country Love 14, there are three notable changes.First, Ivory Hill F4 became a thing of the past, wang Lao 7 characters were marginalized, and Song Xiaofeng became one of the absolute protagonists.Secondly, Xie Sasquhar 10 sets of content only show a face, Wang Yun, Huang Shiyou also follow to reduce the drama, Yang Xiaoyan successfully position, the role becomes more and more important.In the end, wang Xiangxiu, Su Yuhong, Chen Yannan and other ivory Village flowers disappeared, while PI Changshan, Yan Dongdong and other characters returned to the public.Those familiar with the series know that Zhao has built a vast “Ivory Hill universe”, and as the series progresses, the writers add a large number of characters to Ivory Hill and the storyline becomes more and more complex.After the series became popular, Zhao wanted his apprentices and his artists to get a piece of the action, so they appeared in the series one after another.Zhang Zhongwei, Song Fugui, Li Jingwen, Du Xiaoshuang, Fang Zheng, Bai Jing, Chen Shuang, Dong Yang, Gao Nan, Liu Hongxu and many other characters have joined the show, and even zhao Benshan’s twin children also have a cameo role.Unfortunately, instead of adding excitement to the series, these characters have rushed into it, adding to the plot and undermining the integrity of the main story by making the subplots too trivial.Du Xiaoshuang, Fang Zheng, Chen Shuang and other characters are not pleasing, but Niu Niu’s overseas returnee Wang Jiaobao and Niu Niu’s elite Beauty have attracted collective ridicule.The shoehorning of newcomers in the “Country Love” series has intensified, viewer dissatisfaction has reached a crescendo, and the show’s ratings have been dropping.But Zhao doesn’t seem to care. The show’s scriptwriters have already slipped in two new characters after only 10 episodes.The first character is Jin Yan, the airborne leader of the Ivory Hill service station, played by Wang Long, Zhao benshan’s 43rd disciple.As a protege of Zhao Benshan, Wang often performs on the Liu Laogen Grand Stage, and zhao benshan let him appear in liu Laogen 3, which has a lot of parts.Wang Lung plays Wang Laosan, who single-handedly brings the village’s small troupe into a miasma, and the whole role is very unpleasant.Jin Yan appears briefly in the drama, but the scriptwriterer has already laid the groundwork for further stories about him and Chen Shuang.Jin Yan is a judge of the Ivory Hill Cook-off, and his scores are directly related to the results of the competition.Xie Guangkun, zhao ivory mountain big three of four, liu can clearly smell the essence, so when others are still in the practice cooking, zhao four and Xie Guangkun first sights on JinYan, two people are thought of sherry Chen, want to put the JinYan and sherry Chen set together, but two people still struggle to when the matchmaker, Xie Guangkun even at the price of gifts.Although Liu Neng did not preemble one step, but he saw through everything obviously as ivory hill small zhuge, be informed when Zhao Si and Xie Guangkun begin magnify move to please Jin Yan, Liu Neng also had his plan, ivory hill 3 giants new round of fighting is also about to begin.The second new role is Xiaoyu, song Xiaofeng in order to stimulate the big man invited, this girl and security guard bottle bottom zi have a good “love story”.Big and Chen Shuang two people are together contradiction ceaseless, block ceaseless, Wang Mu sheng is done destroy from it, two people still part company finally.Big from now on can’t get up after a fall, the whole heart is like dead ashes, Song Xiaofeng and small Li vice general so persuade also of no avail, then two people decide to arouse big to love desire through stimulation therapy.So Song Xiaofeng found jade, arrange her and villa security bottle bottom to pretend to fall in love, and to show affection in front of the big, let the big rekindle hope.Small jade an appearance let a person shine at the moment, she is young and beautiful, the appearance level does not lose ivory hill a few village flowers (Li Yinping, Li Qiuge, Du Xiaoshuang, etc.), and looks very clever.The moment he saw jade at the bottom of the bottle, his whole person also fell, his eyes were shining with golden light, and he held the girl’s hand, and the whole person was completely convinced.Scriptwriting also buried a foreshadowing actually, bottle bottom son and small jade are very likely “fake true”, become a pair of sweethearts that let a person envy finally.With the addition of these two new characters, the relationship between Big and Chen Shuang is completely out of order again.”Country Love” series broadcast so far, the most troublesome is to cut the messy love line, divorce, remarriage, break up as if a curse, ivory Hill many people have not escaped.So far, the series has four love lines that are a bit of a muddle, with many unpredictable outcomes.First, Chen Shuang agreed to Zhao Si’s request and prepared to date Jin Yan. What kind of spark can be wiped out by the two people is worth paying attention to.After the big man was stimulated, will continue to pursue Chen Shuang is also unknown.Second, wang Xiangxiu, Li Daguo, Ma Zhong three people on and off, the relationship is much more complex than “Romance of The Three Kingdoms”.Now Wang Xiangxiu completely offline, Li Big country and Li Qiuge will not have new obstacles also let people guess.Third, After Liu Yishui and Xie Xiaomei divorce, Du Xiaoshuang intervenes among them, but she and Liu Yishui did not poke through this window from beginning to end, the love of two people is looming, let a person see the future.Fourth, the story between White Qingming, Chen Yannan, Li Yinping, Founder and Zheng Yu are involved from time to time.Now Zhao Qun and founder are likely to ignite small flames, white Qingming, Li Yinping compound opportunity came, but they two people treat love too indecisive, can go together still there is variable.What do you guys have to say about Country Love 14?

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