Daqing DISEASE control risk Alert (Issue 318) : Distribution of 181-227 cases announced in Baise, Guangxi!If there’s an intersection rate report

On February 12, Baise city of Guangxi Province announced the distribution of cases 181-227: Debao County: Case 181, case 204, Case 207: living in Yaochang Tun, Du ‘an Village, Du ‘an Township, Debao County.Case 182: Living in He’s Baby department Store, Taoyuan Road, Chengguan Town, Debao County.Case 183: Living in Zhangjiatun, Maqiao Village, Ronghua Township, Debao County.Case 187, case 191: Living in Domatun, Pona Village, Duan Township, Debao County.Case 188, Case 189, Case 194, Case 201, Case 202, Case 210, Case 213 to Case 215, Case 223: Living in Longyi Tun, Fuji Village, Duan Township, Debao County.Case 192: Living in Jintun, Fuji Village, Du ‘an Township, Debao County.Case 193: Living in Osmanthus Villa, Chengguan Town, Debao County.Case 195: Living in Xiangshan Street, Chengdong Community, Chengguan Town, Debao County.Case 196, Case 197, Case 199, Case 203, Case 205: Staying in Yongheng Hotel, Chengguan Town, Debao County.Case 198: Living in Zhongxing Road, Chengguan Town, Debao County.Case 200: Living in Rongsheng Street, Chengguan Town, Debao County.Case 206, Case 225, Case 226: Living in Du ‘an Street, Du ‘an Township, Debao County.Case 208: Living in Niandong Tun, Dengxian Village, Dongling Town, Debao County.Case 211, case 212: Living in Jinshantun, Fuji Village, Duan Township, Debao County.Case 222: Living in No.2 Tengjiao Road, Liancheng Community, Chengguan Town, Debao County.Case 224: Living in Shangshuotun, Xidou Village, Chengguan Town, Debao County.Case 227: Living in Xinnanlong Second Street, Nanlong Community, Chengguan Town, Debao County.Jingxi City: Case 184: Living in Xincun village, Nongtie Village, Wuping Town, Jingxi City.Cases 185, 216 to 221: Living in Ponatun, Maliang Village, Wuping Town, Jingxi City.Case 186: Living in Bairongtun, Nongtie Village, Wuping Town, Jingxi City.Case 190: Living in Nongkawaitun, Lilu Village, Wuping Town, Jingxi City.Case 209: Living in nanmen Market low-rent house opposite xinfa Aluminum Plant in Quyang Town, Jingxi City.For accurate zhuhai COVID – 19 outbreak against input, “rebound” state of emergency epidemic prevention and control work, resolutely overcome the paralysis of thought, the gung-ho, effectively control and reduce COVID input – 19 outbreak risk, is put forward as follows the epidemic prevention and control of the general public suggestion: a case, please contact with published trajectory intersection personnel and high, is reported to the risk area living history of personnel in the initiative.Actively report activities and contact history within 14 days, do not participate in clustered activities, do not go to crowded public places, and actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing and implement relevant control measures.If failure to report or implement relevant prevention and control measures affects the epidemic prevention and control work, the relevant responsibilities will be investigated in accordance with the law.2. Non-essential travel to affected cities with recently reported cases and areas of high or medium risk in China has been announced.If you have to go to the community, village or local CDC report in advance, and take good personal protection.Iii. All personnel who have arrived and returned to Chongqing should scan the QR code of “Registration of Returning Personnel” (see the picture below) by mobile phone 2-3 days in advance, fill in the information truthfully and completely, and report to the local community.Four, the hotels, hotel in the city, the home stay facility, such as the provision of accommodation units must strictly implement the health of all check-in passengers temperature measurement, the inspection code and stroke code, such as found in high risk areas or have cases occurred in the region to celebrate the history of the personnel, to dependency (CunTun) or in a timely manner to the community is reported to the centers for disease control and prevention, and implement the related controls.Fifth, strengthen personal protection, be the first person responsible for health.Do not carry out gathering activities unless necessary.In crowded and closed places, wear masks in a scientific and standardized way, and develop good hygiene habits and healthy lifestyles, such as frequent hand-washing, frequent ventilation, “one meter noodles”, serving spoons and chopsticks, and cough etiquette.Six, such as fever, fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhea, dry cough, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, a diminished sense of smell, taste, conjunctivitis and other COVID – 19 “ten big symptoms”, please take the medicine, the need to wear masks to the nearest medical institutions fever outpatient service seeing a doctor as soon as possible, avoid taking public transportation in the process of treatment, and cooperate with the implementation of the related controls.7. Timely and active vaccination against COVID-19 to build an immune barrier.Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have occurred in many places in China. Novel Coronavirus vaccine is an effective measure to prevent COVID-19. It can reduce the infection rate, severe infection rate and fatality rate, and it is the duty and obligation of every citizen.People who meet the requirements but have not been vaccinated, including those who have not completed the whole vaccination process, should take the initiative to get vaccinated against COVID-19 at the vaccination sites of their jurisdiction as soon as possible, and establish an immune barrier for the population as soon as possible.8. When handling personal goods sent from abroad or express packages from epidemic-affected areas in China, take good personal protection, unpack them outdoors as much as possible, and carry out proper hand hygiene and disinfection.Also handle chilled foods properly.Daqing Center for Disease Control and Prevention Tel: 0459-6352331, Ranghuru District, Duty Room, 0459-5596291, Saertu District, 0459-6181900, High-tech Zone, 0459-60400090, 459-6288901, Honggang District, 0459-2799113 Datong 0459-6161530 Longfeng 0459-60591570459-2767159 Zhaozhou County 0459-8520361 Zhaoyuan County 0459-8241033 Lindian County 0459-3317221 community 0459-3314119 township 0459-3322541 Dumeng County Community 0459-3422588 Township 0459-3452053 Daqing County CDC: 0459-6279221 Sa District CDC: 0459-6352591 Lang District CDC: 0459-6352591 Longfeng Disease control: 0459-2767159 Honggang DISEASE Control:0459-2799135 Datong CDC: 0459-6173877 Jizhou CDC: 0459-8520511 Cause disease control: 0459-8232328 Lindian CDC: 0459-3322473 Dumont CDC: 0459-3410143

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