Do you know what time of day is a good time to defecate?It’s a shame to miss two prime time

Regular defecation helps flush toxins out of the body and ensures good health.Do you know the best time of day to have a bowel movement?Let’s check it out!Bowel movement in a single day “prime time” 1, after getting up in the morning after getting up to defecate, can clean up the intestines, in a timely manner to keep its relatively clean and clear, to wake up in the morning to defecate words can make you feel more smooth, also can let oneself have a good mood, if you have the habit of defecate in the morning, so, this habit can make your gut healthy.2, before going to bed some people have the habit of defecating at night, which is actually a good habit.Normally, 7, 8 o ‘clock in the morning to eat breakfast, in before going to bed, food has been existed for nearly 12 hours in the body, also caused a lot of waste, if not timely eduction, can absorb intestines and stomach to once again in the evening, at the appointed time may absorb some harmful substances, long-term accumulation can damage the gut, there will be caused by other diseases.Although we know the prime time for defecation, we still need to develop the following good habits to defecate on time.1, don’t be distracted when defecating a lot of people like to take a mobile phone or read a newspaper when going to the toilet, this is not correct, if distracted when defecating, it will affect defecation, constipation will be formed over a long time.If you spend too much time on the toilet, bacteria can also enter the body through the intestines.If you’re in the habit of using the bathroom to play with your phone or read a book or newspaper, get out of the habit.2, want to go to the toilet don’t hold a lot of people because of work, do not have time to go to the toilet, a lot of people will mean to come, but the work in hand is not busy will think of a while to go again.If long-term inhibition of stool meaning, it will affect defecation, causing constipation.3, adjust the diet a lot of people like to eat some meat food, rarely eat vegetables and fruits, if you often eat meat food, it is not conducive to defecation, can not make yourself a good habit of defecation in the prime time, usually still want to eat more vegetables and fruits, let yourself develop a good habit of defecation on time.Nowadays, the pace of society is getting faster and faster.People are often busy working and studying during the day, ignoring their physical needs.We usually must pay attention to the diet structure, exercise more, develop good bowel habits.At the same time also want to get rid of their usual some bad habits, avoid constipation.

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