More than 4000 yuan of fish and cherry have not arrived in 8 days

Sister Zhao Zhuoqu, a reporter from Dalian News Media Group, owns a fresh food stall in a market in Shahekou district. A few days ago, an old customer bought fish and cherries worth more than 4,000 yuan from her and sent them to Panjin.However, eight days after the goods were sent, the other party not only received the goods, sister Qu also did not receive the returned things, and these fresh fruits are no accident, but also already rotten and smelly.To panjin shipment 8 days haven’t arrived song elder sister told reporters, the customer is her old customer, often in her fresh stall to buy things to a friend.On March 20, the customer bought more than 3,500 yuan of fish from her stall.”These include bohai swordfish, wild megalotonfish and opium fish.”Qu said the customer also bought 850 yuan of cherries from other stalls and entrusted her to send them to Panjin.”I first contacted a Courier, the Courier said panjin temporarily can not send the goods, so I contacted a Courier.”Sister Qu said that the Courier said that Panjin can deliver goods, but the logistics of time cannot guarantee.”I’ve used it before to deliver fresh food, and that’s what the Courier said, but it arrived, so I didn’t care.”So, Qu dajie helped the customer pay nearly 100 yuan in advance of the express fee, the express will be sent away.In the waybill tracking records provided by sister Qu reporters see that the express delivery from Dalian on March 20, March 21 will show from shenyang Hunnan sorting center to panjin Hexiang business department, since then, no waybill records.Song sister said, she consulted the express company, the other party said because of the epidemic goods stagnation can not transport, this let song sister anxious, because, she mailed are fresh fruit, can not transport and do not return, these things must have become rotten and smelly.”I complained to the express company several times, but they said they could not settle the claim and could only pay 500 yuan at most.”Qu dajie said that she could not accept this, 4,000 yuan of fresh fruit is so bad, she needs to pay the customer in full, express only 500 yuan, she lost too much.Lawyers remind: during the epidemic should pay attention to the problem of the interview, qu elder sister said, although the Courier said logistics prescription can not be guaranteed, but if panjin can not send the goods, why should the Courier pull it?In this regard, the reporter contacted the express company, the relevant person said, because of the epidemic in Shenyang cannot deliver goods, the company is adjusting the system to avoid customers to deliver goods to this area, the Courier received Sister Qu’s goods and delivered, so the problem occurred.At present, the company has reached an agreement with Songda, and get songda’s understanding.So, if logistics cannot be delivered on time during the epidemic, should the express be compensated?At this point, the reporter interviewed Liaoning Wanjingze law firm Sun Jifeng lawyer.Sun said the Courier company should not bear the sender’s economic losses.First of all, the sender confirms that the Courier has clearly informed her that the delivery due to the epidemic does not guarantee the validity of the delivery. Sister Qu still insists on sending the delivery, and the delivery is fresh fruit, which actually involves the principle of risk bearing.Secondly, the epidemic has been identified as force majeure by relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, combined with the above two points, he believes that the express company should not bear the economic losses of the sender.Interview, sun lawyer also warn, citizens when sending Courier, valuables must valuation, avoid unnecessary economic losses, especially in the near future, dalian and surrounding areas, fresh fruit into the besiktas, during the period of the outbreak, the sender sends the fresh fruit of express delivery, be sure to communicate fully with Courier, confirm the delivery of aging, such as Courier made it clear that,In case of unwarrantable timeliness, the sender tries to avoid further delivery to ensure no loss of goods and goodwill.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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