The Beijing Winter Olympics adhere to the principle of “athletes as the center” to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the games

The original title:Building safety, perfect, professional and fair competitive stage (teasers) Beijing Olympic adhere to the “for the center with the athletes” to ensure the safety events go smoothly (topic) workers daily – zhonggong network reporter Liu February 12 in the morning, the international Olympic committee and the Beijing games organizers daily news conference, the games in Beijing, a spokesman for the committee wei-dong zhao said,Adhering to the principle of “athletes as the center”, the BoCOG has provided good conditions for all athletes in terms of venue construction, training conditions, living allowances and medical assistance, so as to ensure that the athletes can participate in the games smoothly and safely, and has made every effort to create a safe, perfect, professional and fair arena for them.Zhao weidong said that while ensuring the construction of high quality, the venue carries forward the spirit of craftsmanship and strives for perfection in details.For example, the recent good results of the National Speed Skating hall are proof of this.In the speed skating competition held by “Ice Ribbon”, athletes broke many winter Olympic and world records, earning the reputation of “the fastest ice”.According to Zhao weidong, the staff constantly summarized the problems in the process of the competition, and maintained close communication with the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee every day to timely find problems and timely optimize the plan to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the games.The focus of boCOG’s work is to provide adequate guarantee for athletes’ diet, daily life and daily living.The village provides 24-hour service and tries its best to show humanistic care in detail.The village also provides athletes with a variety of fitness, sports and entertainment and medical services.For example, the winter Olympic Village restaurant set up a number of international food tables to meet the taste and needs of athletes participating in the games.Shen Qianfan, head of the Olympic Village department at boCOG, said: “We provided the products to athletes and team officials only after they were approved by catering experts and made in accordance with the requirements of IOC experts.In order to let foreign athletes feel the Chinese culture, the winter Olympic village many details of the layout reflected Chinese elements, Chinese culture, organized the connection of sichuan giant panda Breeding base and other activities.Juan Antonio Samaranch jr., chairman of the IOC’s Beijing Coordination commission, said the IOC had no doubts about China’s ability to host the Games. “The preparations for the Beijing Games met all the requirements and exceeded expectations.”

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