Four “national First Class actors” were removed from the list

It seems that the title of “national first-class actor” is often seen in the introduction of some old actors, and it is usually highlighted in the introduction of these old actors.After all, “National First-class actor” is the pursuit of actors all their lives. It is the honor granted by the state, the recognition given by the audience, and also a symbol of consummate artistic attainments.Not only that, “national first-class actor”, but also represents the national organization and the salary of the actor, due to the development of different places, the salary level also has certain regional differences, “national first-class actor” salary is not the same.But on average, after deducting the five insurances and other expenses, each “national first-class actor” can earn 10,000 to 20,000 yuan a month.It can be said that winning the title of “national first-class actor” not only means that the public recognizes his ability, but also means that he has entered the national system.In addition to acting, there is a fixed monthly salary can be paid.However, in 2005, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinese film, the Film Association made an exception by naming “100 outstanding Actors in 100 years of Chinese film history”.Although these 100 actors are not included in the national system, they can hold the title of “National First-class actors”.You know, this opportunity comes once in a blue moon.However, there are four actors who were lucky enough to get the title of “National First-class actor”, but later were removed from the list, it is a pity.However, after hearing the reason for their expulsion, people not only applauded, but even some netizens said that they should have made sense of the four actors long ago.So who are these four actors?Why does everyone applaud their expulsion?Let’s take a look at what happened.Siqin Gaowa was born in 1950 in a military family. When Siqin Gaowa was 15 years old, she was selected to the Inner Mongolia Song and Dance Troupe.In the chorus, Siqin Gaowa as a dancer, announcer.In the song and dance troupe, Siqin Gaowa dances extremely well, and the voice is also very good, singing is very good, full of artistic cells.In addition to her beautiful appearance, soon the Bayi film studio threw an olive branch to Siqin Gaowa, and invited her to participate in the film “Return of the Arrow”. Since then, Siqin Gaowa officially entered the entertainment circle, opened his brilliant acting career.A good beginning is half done.Because in “return of the Arrow”, Siqin Gaowa’s wonderful interpretation, let her get everyone’s appreciation.Soon, Siqin Gaowa won the role of Tiger girl in “Camel Xiangzi”. She played the bad habits of the old society on Tiger girl and her sincerity to Xiangzi in a very good way, which was loved by the audience and attracted countless circle fans.Siqin Gaowa also by virtue of tigress one corner, won the golden Rooster award and hundred Flowers award best actress award, has been recognized in the entertainment circle.Since then, Siqin Gaowa’s life is like a hanging general, the piece of continuous.After that, Siqin Gawa successively presented many classic roles for us, such as Ye Rutang, who is full of beautiful yearning for life in post-modern Life of Aunt, and The dignified Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang in Kangxi Dynasty.She has won wide recognition with her exquisite acting.I think this is also the reason why Siqin Gaowa won numerous awards and was selected as “national first-class actor”.However, what we did not expect is that in 1986, Siqin Gaowa married Chen Liangsheng, a Swiss Chinese. After marrying Chen Liangsheng, Siqin Gaowa changed her nationality to Swiss nationality and was no longer a citizen of the People’s Republic of China.Foreign citizens are not eligible to become China’s “national first-class actors.”Therefore, Siqin Gaowa was removed.”As long as she is Gong Li, she will never fail.”This is the consensus reached by those who have seen Gong Li’s play.Since her debut, Gong Li has gradually become a ceiling figure in Chinese films with her excellent acting skills, and is nicknamed “Gong Huang” because of her powerful aura.”Gong Huang” was born in 1965. Her parents have been very devoted to her education since she was a child, and did not spoil her just because she was a girl.On the contrary, her parents are very strict with her, especially in gong Li’s study.Since small Gong Li is arranged by parents to learn all kinds of literary and artistic ability, in addition to Gong Li is very gifted in literature and art, learn very fast, so Gong Li is very excellent since childhood, plus Gong Li looks comely, so no matter where to go, Gong Li is the existence like all stars and gongyue.By chance, Gong saw the wonderful performances and glamour of the actors on TV, which gave her the idea of becoming an actress in the future.Gong worked hard at her studies to realize her dream of becoming an actress, and finally, with the help of a teacher surnamed Yin, succeeded in entering the Central Opera.Zhang Yimou has a try and see attitude, to the central drama for Mo Yan’s work “Red Sorghum” in the “nine” casting, in the campus of the central drama, Zhang Yimou took a shine to gong Li is still a student.At that time, Gong Li was just a young schoolgirl, but the fiery “Jiu er” in the book was not suitable for the role, so many people came out against it, but zhang Yimou insisted.Gong did not disappoint Zhang, however, and gong li relied on her superb acting skills after the release of red Sorghum in 1988.The “nine” passion and shrewish interpretation incisively and vividly, received unanimous praise.And with the role of “jiu ‘er”, Gong Li became famous.Since then, Gong’s film resources have been endless.And each role in Gong Li’s interpretation, has become a classic screen.Such as “qiu ju” persistent strength of rural women of qiu ju, “Miami vice” Cuba female drug traffickers, “curse” queen of 7, and so on, a series of wonderful deduce, gong li award to adversary, palme d ‘or, golden rooster and hundred flowers awards such as other people can only dream of awards, by gong li roundly.In addition to attracting attention at home, Gong li has also spread her fame abroad with her own strength.She was not only listed in the Premiere’s list of the world’s 100 Greatest Performers, but also in the Washington Post’s list of the world’s five best movie actors.More foreign media called Gong Li “Oriental pearl”, which shows gong Li’s excellence.In 1997, at the age of 31, Gong married Wong Ho-siong, president of Anglo American Grass Asia Pacific, because He is a Singaporean citizen.So after they got married, Gong changed her citizenship to Singapore, and she still retains her Singaporean citizenship even though they are now divorced.Although Gong Li’s strength both at home and abroad, has been unanimously recognized by everyone.However, gong Li was also removed from the list of “National First-class actress” because of her nationality, which is really regrettable.As a kung fu superstar, Jet Li is deeply loved by the audience with his superb acting skills and extraordinary fighting skills, and has become a childhood memory of many people.However, behind Jet Li’s success, there is a hidden bitterness.When Jet Li was 8 years old, a chance encounter coach Wu Bin took a fancy to, Wu Bin saw Li Linjie’s bones qingqi, is a good miao.So it is convenient for Jet Li’s parents to discuss, let Jet Li learn martial arts with their own.At first, Jet Li’s parents didn’t agree. After all, wushu training was too hard and had no future.However, jet Li has a strong yearning for martial arts at the age of 8. He likes it very much and Wu Bin is also very enthusiastic. Finally, after a series of mental struggles, Jet Li’s parents finally gave up and agreed to jet Li to learn martial arts.In the 1980s and 1990s, Hong Kong action movies flourished.It happened that Jet Li had a good martial arts background since he was a child, and he was handsome, so jet Li smoothly entered the entertainment circle.During his career, Jet Li has always been a dedicated actor.In the process of acting, jet Li insists on not using a double, no matter how dangerous it is, he always insists on doing it himself, so he is often injured in the process of filming.Jet Li is said to have suffered a spinal dislocation, a severe back muscle strain and a ruptured fifth lumbar spine during the filming of the movie Shaolin North and South.In the filming process of “Huang Fei Hong”, his left ankle was seriously broken, which could be placed at 180 degrees. It hurt to think about that scene.During the filming of “Fearless,” he fell 12 feet from a platform, suffered severe internal injuries, could not climb up, was taken away by ambulance, rushed to hospital, etc.Jet Li suffered numerous injuries during the filming process.Now Jet Li has reached middle age and has numerous diseases. Although he can still live a normal life, all his organs are in red light.It is said that Jet Li participated in a program, in the program to say that he has made a will, for his family have made proper arrangements, I think now he should also be very clear about his physical condition.Jet Li has undoubtedly brought us many classic works at the cost of his body.However, it is a pity to be removed from the list of national first-class actors because of their nationality.Chen Chong was born in 1961 to a Family of Traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai, but instead of following in his family’s footsteps, Chen chong chose to go into show business.In the entertainment circle made a piece of their own world, but also by virtue of their own performance strength, the success of the selection of “national first class actor”, but was later removed.Since childhood, Chen Chong has had an amazing talent for acting, and she herself has a keen interest in acting.When she was 15 years old, Chen Chong met an opportunity to enter the entertainment circle. This year, Chen Chong was taken a fancy by the director Xie Jin and got the opportunity to play the dumb younger sister in the movie youth. In this film, Chen Chong let everyone see her performance strength, and since then Chen Chong began to show in the entertainment circle.At the age of 18, Chen chong won the leading role in The film Little Flower thanks to her fame in Youth.And by virtue of his exquisite acting, world War I famous, pressure Liu Xiaoqing, won that year’s Hundred Flowers Award best actress award.Since then, Chen chong’s performing arts career has been constantly resourced.With her superb acting skills, she has presented many classic roles and won many awards.In 1991, however, She married Peter Hsu, a cardiologist at Stanford University, and joined American International. “I feel like I’m Chinese,” she said, “and it’s purely a technical matter where I get a passport.I have studied in the United States and lived internationally.So I’m a Chinese with international knowledge, I’m a Chinese with a detailed understanding of the United States.”Chen Chong has also been removed from the national First-class actor list due to her nationality.Nowadays with the development of economic globalization, it is not uncommon for stars to join other nationalities.In fact, whether to join foreign countries is everyone’s right after all, good birds choose their habitat, people choose the best, there is nothing wrong with.But since you are a foreigner, remember who you are.Don’t claim to be Chinese any more, and don’t try to profit on Chinese soil under the guise of China.For example, it was a shameful thing for these people to run for China’s “national first-class actor” selection.After all, when you give up your nationality, you give up your country.Now that the expulsion is widely expected, it’s no wonder that Internet users applauded.So, what do you think of those who become foreign nationals and still claim to be Chinese and love China?Leave a comment in the comments section!Don’t forget to like and follow!

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