Brain Terrier’s kind of guy. Is that you?

When patients see each other for a long time, they notice some similarities between people with the same condition.For example, patients with cerebral infarction and infarction can find much in common from their lives.First, they tend to be deep-fried, fatty, and flavorful.These people are very prone to suffer from high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blockage, resulting in cerebral infarction.The second group are smokers and drunks.Smokers generally have higher blood viscosity.When carbon monoxide is inhaled from smoking, it can damage the aortic wall and increase platelet aggregation, leading to the formation of blood clots and cerebral infarction.When drinking alcohol, ethanol stimulates the heart and blood vessels, and is more likely to cause cerebral infarction.The third group are those whose mindset has changed.When many people are angry or hesitant, they cause cerebral infarction.This is because mood fluctuation can make capillary nerve adjusts action to appear abnormal or heart cerebrovascular is collected, cause cerebral infarction.Fourth, overworked people, overworked or sleep well, blood pressure fluctuations, very easy to cause cerebral infarction.These four points are common in everyday life. Are you one of them?

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