Migrant worker secure “salary” she feel at ease

Source: Xinhua Daily January 26, is yancheng City Public Security Bureau Yannan Branch Kecheng police station police Yang Rongrong and the object of the second day to get a certificate.Early in the morning, should have taken her wedding leave, but appeared in the police station.She and colleagues said: “I still on duty today, the end of the year, a lot of things.”Busy, for the police station is already commonplace.Kecheng police Station is a newly established station with a population of 74,000 and an area of 16 square kilometers. It takes less than half an hour to travel around the city.With the Lunar New Year approaching, the number of alerts for economic disputes, such as salary disputes and debt disputes, is soaring, with an average of nearly 40 alerts per day.”The local police station has more than 10 construction sites under its jurisdiction. Half a month ago, the local police visited every site and urged the construction site to pay wages in advance. We must let migrant workers go home for the Spring Festival at ease.”Kecheng police station chief said.Not long ago, Yang Rongrong ran around for five or six days to help a group of migrant workers to get back 12 million yuan in wages.At 9 o ‘clock, Yang Rongrong just finished some community work, the alarm sounded – “some people disturb the public order in the sales office, please go immediately.”Pick up the law enforcement recorder and other equipment, Yang Rongrong with two members of the team rushed to the scene, I saw four strong men are pushing two tables block the door of the sales office.”You’re disturbing public order. Move the table first!Take your time.”Yang Rongrong, a former special police officer, came forward to take the lead in the “trouble” man pull, ask them to immediately open the table and chair.”Police officer, we are the workers of this site, can not find the responsible person to settle wages, can not urgent?””Yes, we are doing physical work, just want to get hard money to live a good year!”See the police, “troublemakers” have complained.Knowing that it is migrant workers to beg for salary, Yang Rongrong made a circle of phone, contacted the project leader to negotiate.”Not not to give, 3 million yuan is not a small number, we are also collecting funds everywhere.”The head of the construction unit is frowning.”It is not easy for your rural brothers to work for a year. You should pay your migrant brothers as much as you have on your books.Yang Rongrong argued to the head of the construction company, and finally got the promise to pay in batches before the end of the year.Four migrant workers were excited and thanked again and again. Yang Rongrong waved her hand and rushed to the next police scene.The sun was setting towards evening.One day down, Yang Rongrong has dealt with 20 police situation.Back in the station, she was ready to drink hot water to moisten her throat. Several men with hard hats came in the police station hall.Yang Rongrong stepped forward to understand the situation that they came from the northeast, to Yancheng for a month of work, the site leader originally promised a month of 1000 yuan of living expenses has become 500 yuan, thousands of dollars of wages are delayed.”No one can default on the wages of migrant workers.”Yang Rongrong hurriedly put the site head please to the office, according to the law, urge them to check the arrears on the spot.At 7pm, it was dark, the accounts were clear, the construction side signed a promise that the next day’s wages will be paid in place, the migrant workers’ frowns are stretched.(Reporter Hu Lanlan, correspondent Xiao Jian, Zhao Shanshan)

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