Providing help for online gambling, these gangs are down!

“Namely fill namely play” “won at any time withdraw cash” “move start a month into ten thousand” network gambling platform commonly used words art do not know how many people hurt and those for the tiger to provide help for network gambling guys are eventually hard to escape the law network!1. Inner Mongolia Recently, the Public Security Bureau of Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia, detected a huge cross-border online gambling case, and arrested 28 suspects with a total capital of more than 2 billion yuan.In August 2021, police in Bayannur City public Security Bureau found a clue related to cross-border online gambling in their work, and the bureau immediately set up a task force to investigate.After nearly 4 months of investigation, the task force basically found out the organizational structure of the criminal gang and the running process of the gambling website, and found out the criminal gang headed by Wang Mou Hua organized domestic gamblers to carry out cross-border online gambling through mobile phone applications, and at the same time for the gambling platform agent money laundering business criminal facts.Up to the case, the online gambling platform involved in the capital flow has reached more than 2 billion yuan.According to the police, the gang has a clear division of labor, with specials providing bank cards and third-party payment platform accounts as payment accounts for the gang for a long time, and participating in the flow of money laundering.Specifically responsible for money laundering personnel every day through overseas software to receive “online” arranged tasks, provide gambling platform on behalf of the collection and payment business, and regularly to the criminal gang organizer Wang Mou Hua capital liquidation.Bayinnaoer city public security bureau recently transferred more than 100 police, to the more concentrated capture tasks, catching the criminal suspect 28, shut off the ring opening in taizhou, linhai city, hangzhou city, zhunyi, 4 of the studio, accumulative total seizure card 173, mobile phone and 65 involved freeze the capital more than 10 million yuan.At present, the case is being further handled.2, hunan on Jan. 19, yueyang branch of hunan yueyang city public security bureau said, yueyang branch of public security brigade joint jurisdiction multiple police, intelligence battalion and yueyang city public security bureau network technology team yueyang tower team uncovered a network gambling cases, involving tens of millions of yuan, 14 people caught in illegal and criminal suspects.On December 16, 2021, the police of yueyanglou Public Security Sub-bureau received a report from the public that some people organized people to gamble online by using mobile phone software such as chess and cards and making friends, and made profits by drawing money.After receiving the report, yueyang Tower public Security bureau immediately transferred elite police force to set up a task force to investigate.After a month of analysis and judgment, they mastered the network gambling gang main situation, and secretly laid charge of the gang members to carry out the arrest plan.On January 13, 2022, the police of the task force went to Changsha, Loudi and other places to carry out simultaneous arrest, and a total of 14 suspects were captured.After the review, Chen Yu and 11 other people confessed to the crime of opening a casino, Peng Qian and other 3 people truthfully confessed to their illegal gambling.At present, Chen Yu and 11 other people have been detained on suspicion of opening a casino, peng Qian and 3 other people have been detained on suspicion of gambling, the case is being further handled.Those who do evil will be severely punished by the law!The servers used in online gambling are so secret that participants and organizers do not know each other, or even each other.If a participant wins the lottery, the organizers simply disappear and disappear.In this type of online gambling, the organizer does not “hold the seat”, but only provides platform services.When the online gambling gambling capital like snowballing, the platform can be said to be lying to make money.3, “Network out thousand” almost all online gambling, organizers have technical control rights in the background.For example, in a numeral-type gamble, participants bet on a number that they think has a 90% chance of winning.Organizers or bookmakers let programmers change the results in the background while participants remain in the dark and end up losing money.Also remind everybody the purpose of all gambling websites is only one: cheat out your money!Don’t gamble, you never lose!Source: Reject cross-border gambling

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