Steam’s leaderboard of playable games, the fearsome mechanical tiger is no pusher

In The Steam Voxel survival sandbox, Ark of Squares, when you complete certain conditions, you have the opportunity to fight some very powerful boss-level monsters.In the New Year’s version of Ark of Squares, players will be able to take on the fierce mechanical tiger BOSS, a monster so terrifying that even Nian is just a junior to him.The conditions for summoning the mechanical tiger BOSS in Ark of Cubes are very strict, players need to kill at least three Nian beasts first, and get the dragon head, dragon body and dragon tail lights from them.After the player has acquired these three kinds of lights, the player also has to kill the goblin wearing the god of wealth hat, to obtain the New Spring goblin platform, after doing all these preparations, the player can summon the “Ark of Diamonds” ultimate BOSS mechanical tiger, enjoy the ultimate battle with it.For all ark of Diamonds players, the battle against the mechanical Tiger BOSS is very difficult, because the mechanical Tiger BOSS has a very powerful fighting ability, its body is made of steel, which makes it unmatched attack and defense.In addition, it can unleash some high-tech attacks, such as electricity, ball lightning spewing from the jaws of a mechanical tiger that can stun a player in Ark of Cubes, and the mere thought of fighting such a monster makes one’s scalp tingle.Fortunately, the mechanical tiger has one thing that he fears just as square Ark’s Nian is afraid of firecrackers, and that’s the Dragon lantern in Square Ark. If the dragon lantern can be combined with the mechanical tiger BOSS in Square Ark, the battle against the mechanical tiger BOSS will be much easier.What do you think of the battle against the mechanical tiger BOSS?Leave a comment in the comments section below.

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