The 30th anniversary edition of the flagship Path of Awakening the Spirit of Brave Warrior is on sale in limited edition

Recently, ford Explorer “30th Anniversary Edition” officially launched!Limited to 600!Official guide price 339,800 yuan!Purchase the car to enjoy the value of more than 11,000 yuan original accessories, more multiple benefits waiting for you to take!You are always welcome to call/shop consultation!80 years as the founder of SUV, 30 years as the world’s leading flagship SUV master, 6 generations…Ford Explorer is the undisputed leader in the flagship SUV segment, with cumulative sales of more than 8 million units worldwide.Specially introduced by Thanksgiving 8 million explorers owners “thirty anniversary edition”, will be in cash explorers, on the basis of get more burly appearance and a strong will, in the spirit of yong shi forging new armor, fiery red and black fortitude, evolved a more fierce appearance, strengthen more a matter of the will, with strength to conquer exploration, with powerful tribute fearless!– Enjoy high 12,000 yuan replacement subsidy ①;– Enjoy 36 zero-interest financial programs with up to $13,000 financial discount.* Time: March 1 — March 31, 2022.(1) For limited license cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hainan), the maximum can enjoy the replacement subsidy of 12,000 YUAN.② Enjoy 36 zero-interest financial programs, up to 13,000 yuan of financial discount.* Contact your local distributor for details.Front face – watchman armor “30th anniversary edition” on the basis of cash explorers, for this magnificent engine put on armor, more powerful front face modeling, so that resolute and fearless yong Shi face the journey!”30th Anniversary Edition” is equipped with all-black super-large 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels, for yong Shi wear strong extremely fast combat boots, take you across the earth, unstoppable progress!Badge of Courage “30th Anniversary Edition” wear “Badge of Courage” for brave officer, this is the Badge of honor to go forward bravely!Through the tests?Suffering?It only makes this medal of courage shine brighter!Rearview mirror – Pupil of guard The real guard is to light your heart and awaken the spirit of brave shi in your heart. “30th Anniversary edition” takes you to go beyond with “Pupil of guard” and takes you to see higher scenery!Electric pedal – Glory golden Stage Life advancement is never easy!”30th Anniversary Edition” for you to build the “glory of the golden stage”, take you on the journey, to help you reach a new realm of life!Tail – fearless backing “30th Anniversary edition” is equipped with a powerful rear bumper, strong backing not only protect yong Shi forward without worries, its spurting out of the power of the true meaning of the United States to transfer!The “30th Anniversary edition” is more ready for the “Triumph backpack” to help the warriors set out and return fully loaded with harvest!Over the past 30 years, explorers have never stopped moving forward, no matter what challenges lie ahead, the spirit of Yongshi guides us forward!This time, the 30th Anniversary edition will awaken your inner explorer!Life story, waiting for an explorer to show up!

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