The Department of Burn and Wound Repair at linyi Third People’s Hospital uses new technologies to treat burns

The Department of Burn and Wound Repair of The Third People’s Hospital of Linyi city has recently successfully carried out artificial dermis + autologous blade thick skin transplantation, and successfully cured a severely repaired burn wound patient.The patient was a young male with sustained burns to the left ankle from a vehicle exhaust pipe, extending to the bone of the lateral malleolus.After debridement and granulation treatment, scar should be minimized considering the young age of the patient.After communicating with the patient and his family, Director Yang Bo decided to implement artificial dermis transplantation. After the artificial dermis was vascularized, autologous thin-blade skin transplantation was performed in the second stage to close the wound.After surgery, the patient’s left ankle wound healed well, recovered fullness, without obvious scar hyperplasia and contracture, with good overall appearance and good skin elasticity.This technique uses a double layer of artificial dermis repair material as a scaffold to guide the growth of cells and blood vessels on the wound surface to form dermoderm-like cortex, which has a good effect of inhibiting contracture and anti-scar hyperplasia.Combined with autologous thick skin transplantation, the results of full thick skin transplantation or free skin flap transplantation with minimal donor site damage were achieved.The application of this technology greatly simplifies the difficulty of surgery, reduces the risk of surgery, and minimizes the pain of patients.Since its establishment in June 2021, the Department of Burn and Wound Repair of Linyi Third People’s Hospital has been adhering to innovative development, learning new drainage technology, and striving to provide timely, effective and individualized treatment for patients.Improve the cure rate, get good curative effect, improve the patient’s recovery and quality of life.Correspondent Yang Bo

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