The box office hit 3.475 billion yuan between the first and third days of the lunar New Year

Beijing, February 3 (reporter Liu Yang) State Film Administration preliminary statistics show: the first day to the third day, the box office of 3.475 billion yuan, more than 1 billion yuan;The box office of three new mainstream movies, including “The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake,” reached 2.025 billion yuan, accounting for 58.26 percent of the market.Entering the theater, you can feel the strong festive atmosphere and enthusiasm for watching the movie. Many audiences hold the movie tickets and take photos with the movie posters.On the premise of epidemic prevention and control, the theater was orderly and the attendance rate was high.It is understood that this year’s Spring Festival holiday will be screened in a variety of themes and genres.Among them, the new mainstream film has become an important pillar of the film market and achieved a double harvest in word of mouth and box office.At present, China has become the world’s largest screen number of the country, is also the world’s largest film market.(People’s Daily)

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