2-19 Match 42 Analysis: Crystal Palace v Chelsea, Arsenal v Brentard (incl. scores)

Newcastle have been playing well after the winter break, but the money has been good, and west ham have been playing well lately.Statistical aspects of west Ham united home 0.75 more reasonable, but Newcastle this game injury stop more, overall or more likely to win the hammers home.Southampton v Everton, Saturday 015, Premier League Match time:The two teams are relatively close in terms of strength and playing style, but according to the official injury information, everton has many key players missing, and the data from the initial 0.25 to 0.5 is reasonable, which is more optimistic that Southampton will not be defeated at home.Direction: Let draw let lose 2-1 0-0 Sat 016 Liverpool v Norwich Premiership Match Time:Liverpool have won 16, drawn 6 and lost 2 in 24 rounds of the Premier League, trailing top Manchester City by 9 points with one game less, and still have no theoretical hope of losing the title.The team is unbeaten in five games and is on a roll after beating Inter 2-0 in the knockout stages of the Champions League.However, Liverpool nearly 12 days of competition is quite intensive, players physical consumption is still larger.Norwich are third from bottom with four wins, five draws and 15 defeats in 24 rounds of premier League football.They have not won in their last two league games, but ended their skid in the fa cup by beating Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0.Brighton v Burnley, Saturday 017 premier League Match time:Brighton are better than Burnley in terms of quality, burnley have been very good in recent rounds, but that’s not going to last forever, and the difference between home and away performances is quite big, so it’s not likely that Burnley will win away.Goals scored: 2 or 3 Saturday 018: Crystal Palace VS ChelseaCrystal Palace have been on a roll recently, losing six games to Liverpool and remaining unbeaten in the other five, but it is still early days for them to turn around. They still have problems up front, with a.300 record at home.Chelsea will play the first knockout game of the Champions League after this match and must also be prepared for it. Most teams have given up their respective leagues to concentrate on the Champions League, after all, every win is linked to the prize money.In terms of statistics, Chelsea let 1 down to 0.75, indicating that Chelsea are not so optimistic, Chelsea can win is a question mark, I think the possibility of a draw will be relatively high.Arsenal, who have dropped out of the top six with a few games to play, have a chance to take advantage of the fact that the other top teams in the Premier League are all focused on European competition, as well as qualifying for next year’s Competition.Brenford although the first few rounds of performance is ok, but Arsenal this time at home, data on the opening 1.25 proof of their confidence, comprehensive this service looks good Arsenal win.Direction: main win score: 2-0 Saturday 028 France lang si vs Lyon two teams strength difference is not big, according to normal thinking Lang si home do not give 0.25, at least to a draw, the main +0.25 given at present, is obviously too look down on Lang si.At present, the two teams each have a main striker absence, the impact on their respective teams is basically the same, so the current data is not so credible, this battle is optimistic about Lance undefeated.Direction: Let win half the court:Draw win pingping Saturday 030 Premier League Manchester City vs Tottenham Manchester City last round of the Champions League away 5-0 sweep opponents, the state is very hot, Tottenham side of the state is relatively poor, Tottenham want to win away may be very low, data from the initial let 1.5 to 1.75, we can see the strength of support for Manchester City, this service is optimistic that Manchester City win at home.Direction: main win half match: win nantes vs Paris Saint-Main on Saturday 041 Ligue 1 Direction: main loss: 1-3

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