Close win!Lebron James stepped up to the plate and led the team with four points and five rebounds in a victory over the Blazers

Monk hit two free throws in the final moments to give the Lakers a 99-94 home victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.What’s important to me is that the Blazers still had a chance to win in the last minute or even the last 10 seconds — simmons fouled Monk in the last 0.9 seconds.The score was 97-94, and considering monk missed both free throws the previous possession, a repeat would have required the Blazers’ final three to go into overtime.Considering that only Bryant and Carmelo Anthony scored 15 points or more in the game, it’s not impossible for the lakers to roll over in overtime — a 12-point lead in the first quarter that was wiped out at halftime (54-53).More important, in my opinion, is lebron’s absence.Statistically speaking, the lakers have a minus-3.0 net rating per 100 possessions when James is out, which suggests a loss.Of course, without James, the lakers are far from losing a core, but they lack a backbone.It’s true that Westbrook’s 13 assists were a big part of the lebron james-style rally, but in the final three minutes of the game, it was the game-deciding moment.Westbrook only had one point on free throws and no assists.That said, when westbrook needed to step up and take over the game like James did, he didn’t step up and remained invisible.At least, for today’s game alone, I think the lakers made a mistake buying Westbrook last summer.The reason for this is not what the management deal was intended to be: a replacement in James’ absence.In fact, throughout the season so far, Westbrook’s highlight moments have been limited and often invisible.Who stepped up when Westbrook was overwhelmed?To me, it’s clearly a bushy eyebrow.Statistically speaking, He had a big double-double with 30 points, 15 rebounds and 2 assists.On the court, Bryant had four points and five rebounds in the final two minutes, including one with 53.1 seconds left after Bradley missed a 3-pointer.This is a key rebound in my opinion: for one, if the Blazers get it, it’s likely to be a quick rebound to score, and then get fouled and go to the free throw line.That’s at least two points between the inside and the outside.Remember the game was only five points away.Second, show that you want to win, or give your teammates confidence to win.After all, frontcourt rebounding is not as easy as backcourt rebounding, which requires more blocking and grabbing.I firmly believe that without that key 4 points and 5 rebounds, especially that key frontcourt rebound, the lakers will never win the game.In other words, the lakers are likely to lose today without their eyebrows, simply because Monk can miss two free throws at the most critical moments.On the plus side, most of the lakers were off their game today.Just from today’s game, with the team’s core, Westbrook according to the eyebrows is really a big gap.Of course, if the latter maintains his attitude and form at the end of the day, I believe the lakers will have a championship when James returns.If you get rid of Westbrook properly, then I think the odds go up again.

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