Copying official script should pay attention to what problems

Cao Quanbei han scribe is the peak of han Official script art, but also a milestone in the history of calligraphy development.What problems should we pay attention to when copying official script?What problems should be paid attention to in official script i. Chief writerLiu Xizai “Yi Summary” said: “There must be a chief writerfor more than one.If the main pen is bad, all the other pens will fail, so good writers will fight for this one stroke.The reason why it is called the main pen “, because it plays the most important role in a word, mainly manifested in the following three aspects: one is to occupy an important position, is the most wonderful pen in the word, plays the main body and supporting role in the word;Second, the longest strokes and the most difficult writing;Third, the strongest expression.Chief pen “Cao Quan Bei” wave painting, hook painting, is the main pen of the word.Such as “heart, filial piety, mother, season,” the four words of the long horizontal, lying jun, curved hook, in the beginning, writing, writing to pay special attention to.Of course, the pen should also pay attention to, such as “heart, mother, season” and other words of the point, in the word play the finishing touch.(1) the structural characteristics of cao quan bei are mainly shown as dense, ethereal and colorful, which can be divided into the following five aspects :(1) the white cloth is well-balanced.This is mainly reflected in the coordination between dots and strokes in a word, the distance between the same strokes is roughly equal, and the combination of strokes and strokes of the word is also dense and symmetrical.Such as “Cao, ginseng (article), zong, room” and other words, so that “Cao Quan Bei” highlights the neat and stable, elegant charm.The structural characteristics of Cao Quanbei li Script in the comely and elegant temperament (two) flat stretch.The flat square structure is the characteristic of Han Li, which is determined by the horizontal potential of han Li knot characters.But Cao Quan Bei takes this feature to the extreme, which is very rare in other Han bei.Such as “in, heart, cloth, mother” in the four words palace tight knot, the word potential elegant stretch.Flat stretch (three) up tight loose.The structure of Cao Quan Monument is not only flat and square, but also has the characteristics of upper center of gravity, middle and lower extension.The upper and lower loose, such as “no” above the short drawing waist, the lower pen tall, or upright, or spread.Again, such as “season” word on the whole convergence, in the palace on the side, closely tangled, from a thick arc to the left down to escape, in the dense strong contrast in the rhythm is more lively.This tight and loose structure is one of the elements of the formation of beautiful and beautiful artistic style, it and the simple and natural beauty, are the environment of calligraphy beauty, can not be rejected.Similar characters include Byong and Yeon.The beauty of unsophisticated (4) seeking unsophisticated in skillful.”Cao Quan Bei” is elegant and beautiful all the way, but there are also ancient, clumsy place, such as “ji (ji), shi (shi), sun (sun), Angle” four words.5. Appearance is far from god.Some of the left and right structure of the word, between the partial component does not deliberately pursue interpenetration, seemingly loose connection, in fact, the breath is connected, looking at the appearance, such as “part, you (you), Lin (Lin), fu (fu)” four words.The above is a copy of the Han scribe should pay attention to the problem, if you do not understand, welcome to leave a comment, thank you!

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