Dong ‘an: Tang He supervised the Spring Festival price stabilization and supply assurance work and visited front-line working departments and party members in difficulty

Rednet moment January 30 news (correspondent Liu Lianbo) is a year to the Spring Festival, the most is the feeling of warm old cold.On January 29, dongan county wei secretary tang how deep county each big supermarket to supervise during the Spring Festival supplies firm price of protection for work, and visit condolences to struggle in the department of cadres and workers, to extend the Spring Festival, best wishes to them, and through them to the county-wide people worship at an early age, I wish the county people’s health, a happy family, auspicious year of the tiger, and powerful.County leaders Xie Meifang, Zhang Heng, Chen Aimin, Tang Honglin, Zhou Haixiong, Qin Qi, Yang Weiyan and so on accompanied the supervision or visit.Tang he and his party first came to the East New Road better Life East store and Xinlong Town Better Life supermarket, on-site inspection of the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, a detailed understanding of the festival market meat products, grain, oil, fruits and vegetables and other necessities of life, supervision of the Spring Festival during the price of life supplies.Tang he pointed out that the Spring Festival is approaching, relevant departments should earnestly pay attention to the Spring Festival market supply and food safety supervision work, strict food quality control, to ensure that people “tongue safety”.We should coordinate epidemic prevention and control with work safety, and fully stock up on various commodities to enrich market supply and meet people’s demand for diversified commodities in light of the characteristics of demand during the Spring Festival.We should strengthen market management, increase supervision of commodity prices in supermarkets and vegetable markets, crack down on hoarding and price gouging, and ensure stable, prosperous and orderly prices in the county’s Spring Festival market.Later, Tang visited the county Public Security Bureau, the County Finance Media Center, the County Cyberspace Information Office, the county COVID-19 Prevention and Control Office, the county Traffic Police Brigade, the Centralized isolation medical Observation point of Jingtou Wei and the East ‘an Railway Station and other frontline working departments.In the county public Security bureau, Tang he shook hands with police officers one by one, and came to the public security command center to see the scene.He hoped that the majority of public security auxiliary police will continue to carry forward the fine style of “police love the people, people support the police”, live up to the youth, forge ahead, and continue to protect the happiness of the people of Dongan, kangning, peace and security.In the county rong media center, Tang he said that over the past year, the majority of journalists in the county have connected the party’s heart to the grassroots and the people’s hearts to serve the masses, comprehensively demonstrating the vivid practice of the county people’s struggle for a new era, forging ahead on a new journey, creating a good public opinion atmosphere for the high-quality development of East ‘an.The New Year, I hope you further firm political stand, service center, adhere to keep development is innovation, fusion, the camera is focused on the grass-roots, leave the space with development, good east Anglia wonderful story, spread east is the most beautiful sound, dongan good image, to strive to build modernization sun dong to make new greater contributions.In the county party committee network information office, Tang He, on behalf of the county Party committee, wishes everyone a happy New Year and a smooth work!He hopes that the New Year, the county net letter do to constantly improve the ability to grasp of the rules of the Internet, the network of public opinion guiding ability, ability in the development of the informatization, the support capability of network security, to strive to build modernization provide support service, support, and sun dong, let the main melody of east Anglia cyberspace more clear, more expensive and positive energy more energetic!In the county traffic police brigade, Tang he shook hands with everyone, he said, over the past year, comrades come home early in the morning and late in the evening, day and night, uphold the good style of especially able to bear bear, especially able to fight, give up the small family, care for everyone, to maintain traffic order, loyal guard traffic safety.During the Spring Festival, in the face of the sudden increase in traffic flow and severe traffic pressure, I hope comrades continue to carry forward the good tradition of hard-working, selfless dedication, focus on preventing accidents, grasp safety, ensure smooth, with feelings to do a good job in traffic management, when the people’s safe travel guardian.At the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Office and jingtou Wei centralized isolation medical observation point, Tang he gave full recognition to the COVID-19 prevention and control work of the whole county, and extended his Spring Festival greetings and sincere sympathy to all the COVID-19 prevention and control workers who sacrificed their holidays, stayed at their posts and fought continuously in the face of hardships and dangers.He pointed out that the epidemic is not over yet and prevention and control should not be slackened.Especially during the Spring Festival, the pressure to prevent foreign imports is even greater.I hope you will firmly establish the concept of “people first, life first”, continue to carry forward the spirit of not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue, the first barrier, guard the first line of defense, our “hard index” in exchange for the people’s “safety index”.Tang he also visited jiang Xiaofang, a difficult party member who lives in Linjiao Group 3, and talked with his family, to understand the family situation of his life, encouraged him to continue to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, do not forget the original aspiration, give full play to the spare heat, and give suggestions and suggestions for the economic and social development of the county.Relevant departments should care for veteran Party members, implement policies, strengthen safeguards, put the care of party organizations into practice, and effectively let veteran party members feel the warmth of the organization.

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