Fit GK5 civilian supercar dream, add a turbocharged kit to it what kind of experience?

Fit as the domestic and even the world famous A0 class model, can be said to be the first car of many young people, they have used for home, have used for modification, have used to get off the track, it can be said that this price of the car carries the dream of these young people at the moment.If every young man has a supercar dream, then fit must be the closest car to this dream.The overall appearance design lightweight movement, in line with the pursuit of modern youth personality style.The space of Honda cars is also recognized by everyone, even the interior space of small cars can meet the needs of daily life.Undeniably, the reason why Fit can be 20 years long, still maintain a restless and young pure heart, is that fit never arrogant in their own achievements, but always respect the young market and user needs.Therefore, when the fit continues to bring young groups of high quality, high playability, high value and other product values, the fit has not only become a classic, but also walked in the forefront of the trend.In terms of power, the fit adopts a 1.5-L naturally aspirated engine, with a maximum power of 131Ps and a maximum torque of 155 NM. The transmission system is matched with CVT continuously variable transmission.Speaking of power, we have to mention Honda Earth Dream technology. The new Fit is equipped with L15BU engine, which has a maximum power of 96kW, peak torque of 155N·m, compression ratio of 11.5, direct injection DOHC, I-VTEC and M-CVT. This combination is enough to give the Fit excellent power performance, coupled with a light weight.Make fit in the domestic modification circle is also a very important role, many owners to buy under the track, in the domestic good small track list, fit can be in a very front position, this engine is really worthy of its name.What would it be like to add a turbocharged package to a car with natural air intake?Turbocharger is an air compressor that compresses air to increase the intake of air.It uses the inertia momentum of exhaust gas discharged from the engine to drive the turbine in the turbine chamber, and the turbine drives the coaxial impeller, which pressurizes the air sent by the air filter pipe to pressurize it into the cylinder.When the engine speed increases, the exhaust gas discharge speed and turbine speed also increase synchronously, the impeller compreses more air into the cylinder, the air pressure and density increase can burn more fuel, the corresponding increase in fuel can increase the engine output power.The ANROT turbocharging kit is developed for THE GK5, with non-destructive installation in the original position, convenience and quick pressure start at low speeds.• The turbine is mounted on the outside, keeping the cabin ‘original’ and very low-key.• The integrated exhaust cylinder uses the exhaust temperature to quickly raise the water temperature when the car is cold.• Piping design and installation are carried out at the original factory location without any other changes to the car body.• The exhaust end of the turbine is insulated to reduce cabin temperature.ANROT one-piece turbocharged, thickening stainless steel exhaust head end, a full set of aluminum intake pipe, silicone tube, a full set of more cold, release valve, turbine high pressure tubing, turbine return pipe, turbine inlet pipe, turbine and tube fittings, air intake pipe, ANROT external computer, upright type computer wiring harness, the sensor tieline, special inlet bellows,Screws and tee gaskets, etc.Upgrade: 190HP, 210NM torque, zero hundred acceleration in 6.8 seconds

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