Italy no. 2 added 118,994 cases!France lifts ban on outdoor face masks

In the coming weeks, we will continue along this path of reopening, and we will put on the agenda when restrictions will be lifted, president Mario Draghi said at the opening of the council of Ministers.The Italian Ministry of Health announced on 2nd that the number of new COVID-19 cases reported in the last 24 hours was 118,994 out of 964,521 swabs (133,142 yesterday, 1,246,987 tests performed), giving a positive rate of 12.3% (yesterday + 10.7%).Another 395 died and 187,816 were cured.The number of admissions to intensive care units (-25) and general wards (-323) continued to decrease.The number now in positive decline is 2,407,626, down 68,888 from Tuesday.CDM Ministers Meeting today – 2nd February SkyTg24 reports that the new Council of Ministers meets this afternoon, the second meeting after Monday’s meeting.A new COVID-19 decree will be introduced today, which includes extending the mask obligation for another 10 days, closing discos for another 10 days, making green health codes obtained after a third dose of vaccine valid “indefinitely” and simplifying quarantine rules for students and teachers.Under the previous decree, the green health code was valid for six months (instead of nine) starting Feb. 1, and without a special provision for three doses, those who got the earliest third dose could have seen their code expire with nothing to do.Lombardia moves towards “unsegregation of schools” — February 2 Milano Today reports that Lombardy is pushing the government to change the rules for COVID-19 isolation, mainly among students.Today, the Regional Council has actually approved four motions, three of which are in the direction of “simplifying the removal of segregation of minors”.Michele Usuelli, a regional councillor and former doctor, said classrooms should be open to all children and that “segregation of all minors should be completely abolished”.”I detailed the steps for how to implement it and the motion was amended and approved,” he explained.He was satisfied with this, and the regional government promised to “implement every measure in accordance with its own capabilities and in agreement with the central authorities in order to remove all segregation of minors”.Omicron ‘unknown’ – Massimo Galli, former director of infectious diseases at Milan’s Sacco Hospital, spoke warily about the current outbreak on the television programme Agora, as Milano Today reported on February 2:”I am a member of the Cautious party, and the number of cases has actually dropped significantly, in proportion to the efforts that we are making, and the number of deaths is very high, some from weeks ago.But how many of those deaths were caused by Delta and how many by Omicron is unknown.”If Omicron’s pathogenicity is to be properly assessed, we need hard data, and we should understand that, not tell stories.””Swabs and oximeters” become important household expenses – February 2nd Adnkronos reports that Italy’s inflation rate hit 4.8% in January, the first time this has happened in 26 years, according to figures released today by Istat, the national statistics agency.Covid swabs and blood oxygenants have gained a new place in the list of important household expenses, including serum tests, molecular tests and rapid antigen tests.Each year, Istat reviews a list of the basket of products that make up consumer prices, and the 2022 consumer basket reflects both the shift in Italian household consumption and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on household spending structures.Who: ‘COVID-19 overdoses of medical waste’ – From masks to swab test strips, thousands of tonnes of medical waste pose a serious threat to the environment.Adnkronos, February 2: The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a “silent” avalanche of thousands of tonnes of all kinds of materials worldwide, from masks to gloves, from test kits to litre of chemical waste, in a report released today by the World Health Organization (WHO).More than 8 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine also resulted in an estimated 144,000 tons of medical waste in syringes, needles and safe containers.According to WHO, this excess medical waste already poses a serious threat to the environment.Intensive care units improve — February 2 Fanpage reports that statistics updated yesterday by the National Health Agency Agenas reported a good news decline in intensive care unit occupancy in 11 districts, to an average of 16%;Meanwhile, the intensive care situation remained stable in five districts.The four regions where ICU occupancy is still increasing are Basilicata, Trento, Piedmont and Veneto.Overall, while most regions have dropped below 20%, five regions have exceeded the 20% threshold: THE FVG region, Lazio, Marche, Trento and Piedmont.Italy ‘should stop using the green health code’ — February 2 Professor Andrea Crisanti, a microbiologist at the University of Padua and one of the famous faces of the pandemic, has said on the government’s new Covid decree that it is time to stop using the green health code.”Politics has to have a public health goal,” he explains. “If the data says 90 per cent vaccination coverage is enough, I’m not going to get angry at the other 10 per cent of the unvaccinated, there are always people who don’t want to get vaccinated for various reasons.Now that vaccination rates are so high, the health code is meaningless.There is no need for a third dose of health code, even if it is indefinite.The government just wants to reassure people who are vaccinated, but there is no scientific basis for that.”Deputy Health Minister: COVID-19 ‘managed’ as flu — February 2 Fanpage reports that Italy’s Deputy Health Minister Pierpaolo Sileri said in an interview: “Now is the time for ‘ordinary management’ of COVID-19, like flu.It is likely that the state of emergency will not be extended beyond March 31 and the government will discuss this.This is determined by the observed pandemic trend: if infections continue to decline, and later hospitalizations and intensive care decline as well, there is clearly no justification for the continued extension of the state of emergency.We can say goodbye to the pandemic jargon and those moments of special limitation.”From today, the French government has begun to relax novel Coronavirus quarantine restrictions and measures: ending the outdoor mask obligation, lifting restrictions on the number of guests in public places such as stadiums and cinemas, and eliminating the mandatory requirement for telecommuting.According to figures released this morning, More than 410,000 cases were recorded in France in 24 hours. The rapid spread of Omicron has led to a high number of cases, but the French government has decided to “respect the promise made to citizens to liberalize restrictions” and relax the quarantine rules as originally planned.Meanwhile, French government spokesman Gabriel Attal warned: “Contagion levels in France remain high and people must be cautious. The subvariant of Omicron, BA.2, is very contagious.”- Mr Calia

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