Jiashan county issued “double reduction” after the first sports training institutions business license

On March 21, Mr. Ji received the business license of “Tengwang Martial Arts Training (Jiaxing city) Co., LTD.” in Weitang Branch of county Market Supervision Bureau, which is the first for-profit private training institution engaged in sports training issued by Jiashan County since the implementation of the “double reduction” policy.Recently, Mr. Plan to county market supervision bureau Wei Tang branch submitted the net that the wushu training orgnaization does material.To know that his intention of running after, wei tong branch actively and county cultural and tourism sports bureau, the county education bureau of radio, film and television, according to the jiaxing city sports bureau of jiaxing city bureau of education about print and distribute “jiaxing city sports school training institutions access guidelines (try out) > notification”, set up funds in review by the sponsor (s), name, after conditions conform to the requirements of the file,The applicant should also be verified by the competent department of physical education and the competent department of education.On March 21, Mr Meter on the “office” in zhejiang APP to upload the “2022 annual jiaxing audit table of sports training institutions registered outside the jiaxing city sports school training institution field audit table” and “jiaxing city sports training institutions registered outside audit table”, according to its bid to host the martial arts training institutions has passed the field audit, conform to the requirements.Subsequently, The Weitang branch examined and approved his application and issued a business license to Mr. Ji.At the same time, the staff reminded Mr. Ji that within 7 working days after the registration of the business license, he must go to the county Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports for the record, and only after the record is put into storage can he carry out the training.The reporter learns from the county market regulator, on February 1, 2022, jiashan county, execute the jiaxing city sports school training institutions access guidelines (trial) “, for sports school training institutions in the organization setting, training content, the employees, facilities, security, after the aspects of meeting the requirements for registration.(Source: Website of Jiashan County People’s Government)

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