“Meta-universe” storm continues, black technology gathered on stage, the 40th gala will bring us what new surprises?

Henan Spring Festival Gala is out again!From The Tang Palace Banquet to the Underwater roo Dance Pray, Henan SATELLITE TV seems to have completely mastered the “traffic code”, constantly breaking the circle in the major Chinese traditional festival parties, bringing the audience a national style feast.The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala, which aired on Jan 30, also lived up to expectations again, with many topics trending on Weibo.The success of henan’s Spring Festival Gala relies on a new expression of history and culture, and this innovation is aided by technology.For example, Sun Nan’s “Heart To The Distance” integrates street scene and stage through virtual reality technology to create a “double space”, which changes the original visual presentation with multi-scene space and brings immersive viewing experience to the audience.High-quality IP and content are of course the basis for programs to attract audiences, but increasingly sophisticated stage effects enabled by technology are equally important.In particular, as the biggest national gala of the year, the China Media Group Spring Festival Gala has been actively exploring the combination of cutting-edge technology and stage presentation, constantly innovating the form of program expression, and improving the audience’s audio-visual experience.It can be said that the Gala brings together many of the top technological achievements of the year, which is not only a cultural event for family happiness, but also a wonderful science and technology event.The year 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the Spring Festival Gala. With the rapid development of 5G, VR, cloud computing, ultra HIGH definition, artificial intelligence and other technologies, what surprises will this year’s Gala bring to us?In 1983, the first CCTV Spring Festival Gala was officially unveiled. The simple stage and simple clothes, though not colorful lights or advanced technology, still left a good memory for countless audiences.Since then, with the development of science and technology, the stage of the Gala has become colorful.In 1996, the laser piano performance “Flowing Light” made its debut on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. The “visible but intangible” laser strings amazed the audience.But in 2005, the LED screen became the “permanent guest” on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, and the more gorgeous stage background has been opened since then.In 2012, LED screens were installed on the front of the stage, as well as on the left and right sides of the stage, and holographic projection technology was applied.This year, Zhang Mingmin walked in the “Great Wall” composed of lifting platform and LED screen, and sang “My Chinese Heart” on the Spring Festival Gala stage again after 28 years.Yang Liping performs the dance “The Love of Birds”. The peacock feathers spread out behind her complement her graceful dance.In the air of “petals”, Faye Wong and Eason Chan duet “Because of Love”, which is the romance brought by technology.AR (augmented reality) technology was applied in the 2013 Spring Festival Gala. Unlike holographic projection, the visual effects made by AR cannot be seen on the scene, and only the audience sitting in front of the TV can enjoy this “benefit”.In addition to the presentation effect of the show, technology has also made real-time interaction possible, bringing the audience closer to the scene and making the Gala not only beautiful but also more fun.In 2014, the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Horse, with the help of big data and dual-screen interactive technology, frequently interacted with the audience outside the venue, attracting 2.17 billion followers on global social networks within 60 hours.In 2015, the Spring Festival Gala distributed red envelopes to the audience through the wechat shake function, which further strengthened the interaction with the audience, and also opened the “red envelope war” on the platform of various Internet companies in the Spring Festival Gala.The China Media Group has announced jd.com as the exclusive interactive partner of the 2022 Gala, handing out red envelopes and gifts worth 1.5 billion yuan.Beyond visual effects and interactive gameplay, 2016 saw rapid growth in robotics.This year, Sun sang “Rush to the Summit” at the guangzhou branch of the Spring Festival Gala. Overhead were 29 drones decorated with LED lights and breathing lights, which were colorful in the night sky. Beside him were 540 chinese-made Alpha 1S robots, measuring 42 centimeters tall and weighing 1.5 kilograms, dancing in unison.In recent years, the technological level continues to break through, the application scene is becoming more mature, in the integration of a variety of technologies, the gala stage is more gorgeous.In 2017, the Spring Festival Gala will be live broadcast by VR, so audiences can experience the immersive feeling when wearing VR devices.In 2019, 4K ultra HD live broadcasting was realized for the first time. The whale leaping from the show “Imagine Youth” in Shenzhen was another upgrade of holographic technology.The 2020 Spring Festival Gala created a three-layer three-dimensional stage effect, using flying screen technology to create a 360-degree surround landscape, so that the audience can have a “naked eye 3D” experience in front of the screen.The 2021 Spring Festival Gala is the crystallization of the fusion and innovation of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, AR/XR, cloud recording, holographic projection and artificial intelligence.The party adopts 5G+4K/8K+VR mode to realize multi-machine, multi-dimensional and immersive accompanying live broadcast. In the program “Cow Up”, Andy Lau and Wang Yibo, who are far away in Hong Kong, perform on the same stage with the robot bull, making “time travel” no longer a dream, and 18 “Li Yuchun” stand in a row wearing 18 different sets of Chinese costumes.This is more impressive than the scene in which five “Li Yuchun” appeared together in the 2015 Spring Festival Gala show Shu Embroidery.In addition, Luo Tianyi, who sang with Wang Yuan and Sister Moon, also became the first virtual person to perform on the gala.Will future Spring Festival Gala be a “meta-universe”?The year 2021 is considered the first year of the metasomes, and related technologies and industries such as VR, AI, and virtual human are booming due to the metasomes concept.As the annual kaleidoscope of cutting-edge technology, what will be on display during the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala on Jan 31?It is understood that the 2022 Spring Festival Gala will actively apply a number of cutting-edge scientific and technological means in the innovative practice of the “5G+4K/8K+AI” strategic pattern, so that the Spring Festival Gala will become a big stage for the media innovation display.In terms of broadcasting, this year’s Spring Festival Gala will for the first time introduce the “vertical screen”, which will realize the mixed production and broadcasting of HD and 4K new media signals with lightweight and full IP deployment, as well as the unified switch between horizontal and vertical screens, so as to realize the new mode of “cross-screen” live broadcasting of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala.At the same time, in addition to live broadcasting on CCTV-8K ULTRA HD channel, the program will also be in the fusion of “8K Ultra HD channel + landmark large screen”. The audience can listen to the TV accompanying sound synchronized with the 8K ultra HD large screen through the wechat mini program of “Baichen Thousand Screens Walkman”, so as to enjoy the ultra HD audio-visual feast in front of the large screen outdoors.In terms of stage construction, the 2022 Spring Festival Gala will for the first time use LED screens to create a 720-degree dome, which integrates the auditorium with the main stage.The LED screen of 4,306 square meters constitutes a highly extensible three-dimensional studio space, breaking through the space limitation. For the first time, the sound amplification system is designed by multi-point sound amplification in different regions, and the volume and delay of speakers in each region are precisely controlled to create a good listening environment for the audience.In addition, 130 4K cameras are set up in the studio hall. Through the real-time processing and production of video streams collected, the wonderful free perspective video content such as “space-time condensation” and “multi-dimensional transformation” can be watched non-stop, fully meeting the audience’s personalized immersive viewing needs.With the application of XR and AR virtual vision technology, holographic scanning technology, 8K naked eye 3D presentation technology and other technologies, the gala stage will break through the limitations of time and space, adopt AI multi-mode motion capture system to collect the motion track and body of the actors, and use AI algorithm to calculate the three-dimensional coordinates of the body image of the actors in real time.The digital model and actors can complete the action performance synchronously, efficiently and accurately, creating a magical visual effect of virtual and real interaction.The CCTV Spring Festival Gala is not the only one actively embracing cutting-edge technology. As virtual reality technology becomes more and more popular, more Spring Festival gala on other platforms are actively exploring the stage effects empowered by technology.The Spring Festival Gala of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan youth, which will also be launched tonight, will adopt the recording method of virtual scene +AR to build the virtual Spring Festival Gala stage, leading the youth of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to experience the most popular meta-universe concept.Dragon TV’s Spring Festival gala, to be broadcast on the first day of the lunar New Year, will invite Huang to have a conversation with the virtual character “National Wind Xiaoming”, and 5G cloud robots will also appear on the scene.In the meta-space independently built by Chinamil.com.cn, the “Learning Strong Army” APP and Dong Yiyuandian, the 2022 Meta-Universe Military Camp Network Spring Festival Gala, which integrates artificial intelligence, 5G application, digital scene construction, AR/VR and other technologies, will also bring an immersive experience of cross-domain interaction under specific scenarios.In the past two years, due to the epidemic, many people have been unable to have dinner and watch the Spring Festival Gala with their families on The New Year’s Eve.However, with the development of virtual reality and other technologies, it may no longer be a dream to see distant land as neighbors, even if we are in foreign countries, we can sit together to watch the Spring Festival Gala.Daily Business News

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