Reach out to the masses, start with your next-door neighbor…Guiyang launched public officials to serve as the head of joint households to promote grassroots social governance

Yunyan District Court comprehensive tribunal wang Xianwei recently more than a “position”, zhongtian garden community Yucui Ling neighborhood committee a unit of the “joint head”.He also became the first batch of “part-time” political and legal police since Guiyang issued the “Implementation Plan on Accelerating guiyang GUI ‘an Grassroots Social governance to do the” ten Joint Household “work”.Calls on the whole city of political science and law policemen to live as long “partnerships”, through “go deep among the masses, start from the next door neighbor”, fully give play to the role of safety construction main force, promote the social governance, guiyang is the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, provincial party committee, the provincial government “on strengthening the construction of management system and management ability of modern opinions, one of the specific measures,We will strive to build a social governance pattern at the grassroots level featuring party committee leadership, government responsibility, democratic consultation, social coordination, public participation, legal guarantee, and scientific and technological support, and strive to create a safe and harmonious social environment for the “strengthening provincial capitals” campaign.Let the community become the residents of the most assured, the most secure harbor.At present, the city’s more than 27,000 political and legal police (including political and legal auxiliary personnel) will have to report to the residence, as “joint household chief”, open the urban community “strangers society” neighborhood “not familiar with each other” icebreaking action, inheriting the rural community “acquaintances society” neighborhood “help each other” fine tradition.In the past, they were the main force in the construction of peace. Now, they take root at the grassroots level, combine their own functional advantages, focus on the difficulties and pain points of urban and rural governance, and solve the troubles of neighbors and villagers.Strive to make “ten joint households” into the last meter of the link with the masses, the most terminal antenna to strengthen grassroots governance.The masses of the politics and law police “partnerships” will uphold the “go deep among the masses, start from the in-depth neighbor” idea, take the initiative to establish regular working relationship with the grid member, establish a good interaction and mutual assistance relationship with your neighbors, be a good assistant for the management of grid, the residents interact ZuZhiYuan, the masses of the counselors, seek neighborhood greatest common divisor, draw residents partnerships concentric circles,Promote the transformation of “stranger society” to “acquaintance society” in urban communities, and “acquaintance society” to “joint households and hearts”.At the same time, the Municipal Party Committee peace Office will give full play to the role of “baton” of construction supervision and evaluation of Peace Guiyang, including the work of “ten joint households” as an important part of the annual target assessment, and leverage the implementation of all measures of “ten joint households” with strong supervision and evaluation baton.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Chen Dawei editor Wu Jianling school check Chen Rui editor Li Yi

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