7 of the 10 princesses who were forced to make peace with each other died in a palace fight!The worst is miyue foster mother!

In the TV drama The Legend of Miyue, Wen – black bili tells a large number of princess and family stories.It focuses on the marriage stories of 10 princesses.Their end, each worse than the last!Qin princess Ying’s wife was the elder sister of King Huiwen of Qin.Forced to marry the state of Wei, she stole a large amount of Wei secrets and helped the state of Qin win the crucial Battle.When her husband learned of her treason, he not only abandoned her, but also publicized the news that she had betrayed her husband, and he could never marry again.She died in the palace in the fire of Mi Shu for The sake of Childe Ji’s edict.Meng Ying was the eldest daughter of King Huiwen of Qin. For the sake of the state of Qin, she married a king of Yan who could be her grandfather.A few days after her marriage, her husband died.When the state of Yan was in internal turmoil, with the help of the states of Qin and Zhao, yan succeeded in taking the position of Queen Yi.Wei Yan, wife of the State of Wei, was originally the wife of the king of Wei.Because of and close, the young age of her to 媵 female identity married to qin.When her sister died, she thought she could be queen, and so could she.Thus began the endless harem strife.In the end, he died in the war.The queen of wu, Wei Yi, was the firstborn of the king of The State of Wei. She had to marry a fat-headed childe Dang of the State of Qin.Fortunately, Childe dangdang made her queen.But she did not expect a good day a few days, childe swing on the ding died, she was also repatriated home.Mi Shu, princess of the State of Chu, is the princess of the state of Chu, married to qin as the queen.Her husband, The King of Qin, was ugly, but he did not love her.She was treated with nothing more than courtesy.Her son, the king of Qin made him swear to kill his brothers and brothers and die. This came true.Her husband was angry and sealed the palace of pepper room, regardless of her feelings, before his death also wanted to waste mi Shu’s position as queen.Mi Yue was a princess of the State of Chu who married the king of Qin as 媵.When king Huiwen of Qin was alive, he loved her in every way.After the death of King Huiwen of Qin, mi Shu was driven out of the state of Qin. She had no money and lived a precarious life.After the death of King Wu of Qin, she returned to the top of her life and became the first empress dowager.Mi Yin originally wanted to marry the king of Yan to become his queen. However, the state of Yan fell into chaos. In order to save her life, mi Yin had to marry the prime minister of yan.She’s old enough to be her father.Finally, because she murdered Mi Yue, she used yan troops and tried to poison Empress Yi. She was finally poisoned by State Prime minister.Although Mi Yao was forced to marry Ying Ji, he was very kind to her.When she was pregnant, the relations between Qin and Chu reached a freezing point. After her father, King Huai of Chu, fled, she lost her temper and gave birth to a concubine, who died.Princess Qi was the princess of The state of Qi.Because qi and Chu were at war and qi was defeated, her father and brother wrote to scold her.She was so ashamed that she killed herself.Although she was not cast, mi Yin, her daughter, was in the top three princesses.Ju Ji was the princess of the Ju State.She married the king of Chu Wei and became the concubine of chu Wei, but her life was not easy. Chu Wei learned that the Ju state was putting out fire, so he bullied Ju Ji unscrupulous, causing her to lose her fertility.Even her adopted children.Ju Ji had no choice but to commit suicide to save her adopted son and daughter.Extinguish + lose fertility, her experience is the worst of all princesses!

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