Highway 96 will be available on Xbox and PLAYSTATION in April

According to the official Route 96 Twitter account, the game will be released in April for Xbox and PLAYSTATION.”Route 96″ takes place in the summer of 1996, on the same date as today.In a crumbling dictatorship called Petra, you are on a journey to freedom from a crumbling society.On the journey to the frontier, players will encounter various characters and experience ever-changing adventures.Each journey in the game is randomly generated by the program, and the experience and journey are completely different.With stunning visuals, ’90s pop music, and thousands of roads to choose from, Every player can create their own story in Route 96.The game is currently available on Steam and NS, and has a very positive review on Steam (6328) with a 92% positive rating.A free Demo is also available for download on Steam.Steam Store page >>>>>>>>

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