The only female soldier who’s ever been to the front in Old Mountain!A real heroine

Which comrade was the only female soldier who had ever been to the front in Laoshan Battlefield?Estimates that most people don’t know, she is our today’s leading role ya-ling liu, is known as a “goddess of war,” the heroine, she in laoshan battlefield and the soldiers together, regardless of the danger for their injury treatment, also won a post-war merit citation, originally she is a very good future, but she decided to choose back to organize rural hospitals in rural areas,Such excellent quality is really very impressive!1984 as ya-ling liu from xi ‘an fourth military medical university nursing school after graduation, she simply choose to rescue the wounded at the front, it was her way let many people feel very surprised, you know ya-ling liu was assigned to the Beijing 301 hospital, none of the people can enter the hospital is not very good, and the treatment is also very good,But Liu Yaling chose to give up, and take the initiative to go to Yunnan when the front line medical staff.It was obvious that Liu yaling’s family did not agree, after all, the front is how dangerous ah, a girl to go to nature is not reassuring, but finally liu Yaling persuaded, Liu Yaling came to the hospital at the front in August.After working for a long time, Liu yaling was given a one-month home leave in April 1986. To her surprise, liu did not choose to relax. Instead, she secretly went to the front line of the battlefield.Usually if the wounded are not a lot of circumstances, Liu Yaling and soldiers chat together, washing, cooking and so on, it can be said that we get along very well, and the soldiers gave Liu Yaling a very loud nickname, that is the “Nightingale” in the cat’s ear.Right ya-ling liu stay in MaoErDong because time is too long, also led to his serious disciplinary action by the superior, but even so she still insist on choose stayed, in her four years in the front, is also fighting many times, but also their negative injury, save more than 170 wounded, and was later elected representatives of the PLA’s 2nd YingMo,After the end of the battle was awarded first-class merit, from then on the “battlefield goddess” reputation spread.Ya-ling liu after continue to choose to go to the fourth military medical university, and successfully got the bachelor’s and master’s degree in clinical medicine, ya-ling liu for a long time, a former PLA xiking fourth military medical university hospital burn and skin surgery doctor, she is indeed the’s patient trust, and ya-ling liu also don’t lose yourself in this honor,Instead, he is silently guarding the good moral character that a medical staff should have.Time came to 2004, this year Liu Yaling made a very shocking decision, and this decision is actually directly related to a village secretary’s words, he said: “Yaling, go back to our village to set up a hospital!Hospitals in cities are too expensive for people from rural areas.”Therefore, Liu yaling immediately resigned all posts in xijing Hospital, and began to return to the countryside to organize hospitals. For her, it is necessary to solve the problem of farmers’ access to medical services, and good doctors should stay where they are most needed.In order to prepare for the establishment of Xi ‘an Changan Fengjing Hospital, Liu Yaling did spend a lot of thought, but was also hit by a wall everywhere, and finally spent four years to successfully open a rural hospital.In 2013, Liu yaling was named one of the 10 “Most Beautiful Rural doctors” in China in a large-scale public welfare activity of “Looking for the most Beautiful Rural Doctors” launched by CCTV.

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