6 popular network novel famous sentence, praise fool very classic, my son Wang Teng is very humorous

Online novels are usually entertaining without much deep meaning.However, the readers who read the novel always forget the story of the novel and the famous sentence of the novel.I am a real swimming cat, a bookworm for 23 years.Those who like reading novels, remember to pay attention to me.Today I chat with brothers network novel 6 well-known famous sentences, praise the fool is very classic, my son Wang Teng is very humorous!If you still know more network novel famous sentence, welcome to leave a message.Sentence 1: “Praise fools.”This famous line comes from the squid who loves to dive.Generally, popular online novels are fantasy novels and urban novels, while fantasy novels are relatively unpopular.It is also because of its subject matter that the popularity of The Mysterious Lord, or its popularity rate, has never been as good as that of network novels such as The Emperor of Eternal Gods and The Close Bodyguard of The School Flower.However, from the quality and loyalty of fans, “Mysterious Lord” is absolutely the top existence of the network, so that many fans love, never tired of watching.Read the “Mysterious Lord” readers, must forget “praise fools” this sentence, must be hanging from time to time, really can not forget.The second sentence: “Day does not give birth to my New Year, big feng as long as night.”This famous sentence comes from selling newspaper little lang Jun “Da Feng Beat more people”.The novel is a real hit. The obscene language in it is definitely an eye-opener, putting old idioms into a new twist.I can’t read, I can’t know you, I can’t know you!Really kui author can think out, also must.This, of course, a “day not born I wish the New Year, the big serve as night of all ages” although in the novel is very classic, but fierce dao is borrowed from the snow line “day not born I Li Chungang, eons of time such as night” kendo, or borrowed from “the night” “day not born master, such as night of all ages” (actually these sentences is to learn from history: born days without you, such as night of all ages.)No matter how to say, read “dafong dozen more people” readers, to this sentence “day is not born I make New Year” this sentence, or very impressive, play the effect gaga, let a person unforgettable.The third sentence: “Don’t bully the poor.”This famous line comes from “Fighting against the Sky”.In an e-sports competition some time ago, the words “Mo bully the poor” appeared in the crazy bullet screen.E-sports and novels are two different fields, but the popularity of “Don’t bully the poor” shows the influence of this phrase.Although the fight against the Sky was written many years ago, the miracle that Fight against the Sky has created in the world of fiction is still astonishing.In addition, the fight to break the sky of the cartoon “three years about” some time ago hit, let the net friends review the “mo bullying young poor” blood and youth, no wonder the net friends always put this sentence hanging in the mouth.Sentence 4: “The real benefit is the benefit of hand.”This famous phrase comes from “Eternal Life”.”Eternal Life” was brilliant at that time, creating the famous “eat stream of people” in the net literature circle.Now, there’s an anime version of “Eternal Life,” which has revived the memory of many a bookworm.The best part of “Eternal Life” is its Settings, but some of its catchphrases are also classic.For example, the book puts profit first, “the real benefit is the benefit of hands”, simple words, but very reasonable, impressive.Sentence 5: “My son, King Teng, has the assets of the emperor.”This famous sentence comes from “Cover the Sky” by Chen Dong.”Cover the Sky” is a novel many years ago, “my son Wang Teng” is a sentence many years ago.However, there are still a lot of people on the network blowing “my son Wang Teng”, or with relish.If a sentence is used over and over again by Internet users, it means it is classic enough to make people lose track of time and rehash the same old story.That why “my son Wang Teng” always lets the reader hang in the mouth?The reason is simple, because the humorous effect of this sentence is outstanding.First of all, netizens like to say hi, and terms like “my son” are quite common on the Internet.However, Wang Teng in the novel is actually quite good, but his father often shows it off, and finally he is beaten in the face.In this way, the comedy effect is full, the reader is naturally with relish, feel this sentence super humor, super fun.The sixth sentence: “everything in the world can not be traded, just depends on the transaction of things, whether the other party moved!”This famous quote comes from the Biography of Mortals Xiuxian.This novel is the ancestor of “human flow” and is regarded as a classic.Mortal immortal biography of the cartoon is also hot broadcast, has been the love of many netizens, but also let mortal sentences win universal praise.Mortals xiuxian biography pays attention to a more real xiuxian environment, not so much harmony and wealth, more is the interests and calculation.Therefore, the above quote also let many ordinary people xiuxian biography of readers impressed.Hey, guys, what else do you know?Leave a comment.Like my article friends, must pay attention to me, a lot of praise and share my article!It means a lot to me.I am a real swimming cat, thank you again!

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