98 years deep drift worker, valentine’s day doesn’t matter, already lay down just want to wait for the family to arrange a blind date

Hello, everybody! I’m Wang Zai!A really good ’98 guy!Today should be a lot of people over valentine’s Day, Shenzhen this young people more of the city, valentine’s Day this holiday out, of course, is everywhere is dog food, take the subway can see a lot of little sister, holding a boyfriend to send flowers, I sour acid, it doesn’t matter I have to lie flat, fate fate everything fate has nothing to do.There are also some people in the circle of friends showing their love for each other and Posting screenshots of transfer, but I don’t think there is any definite thing, don’t make it known to everyone, it will be awkward to break up later.The boy in his twenties was poor, the girl in her twenties was in her prime, and I had no advantage. I had a mortgage, no car, no savings.Every month is just a mortgage, has put me breathless pressure, which have what money to fall in love, so has been out of society, don’t put the hope in love, anyway, also talk about bad, rather than direct dating, this is a simple and direct way, after all, everyone is rushing to get married.I do not feel the meaning of deep drift, if the pursuit of stability in Shenzhen, I would rather go back to Ganzhou to stay, I feel too safe now, not suitable for my age, some marginal jobs, and I am not to start a business, I have a very clear self-awareness, the prosperity of the big city does not belong to me.The longer I stay, the more confused I feel. My age is getting older day by day, but I can’t take root in Shenzhen. This sense of crisis is really coming over me day by day.All right, I’m Wangy!Please click like attention!See you next time!

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