Build a demonstration area for rural revitalization!Yuxi rural living environment improvement on-site promotion will be held

March 31, the rural residential environment treatment promoted the advance will held in asan county, on the rural house renovation of dilapidated house of breach in the construction and demolition work arrangements and deployment, in promoting rural living environment regulation, accelerate the country revitalization “1000” demonstration project construction, to rural revitalization of the demonstration zone.Photo source:Ecological charm asan Other moss slope group, eight street, Waterloo, in the intersection, ChaHe violations and dilapidated house demolition and human settlement environment renovation work, vice secretary of municipal party committee yu-liang pan pointed out that at present, the city’s demolition demolition in the dangerous old work has been comprehensively launches, various counties (city, area) to learn from each other, inspire each other, in a more practical and effective measures to do the work better.Pan Yuliang stressed, to improve the station, figure out “why open”.Party committees and governments at all levels, party members and cadres should pay close attention to “dangerous, old, imminent, illegal, disorderly” buildings, so as to demolish them completely, demolish enough space for development, lay a foundation for the construction of village infrastructure and public service facilities, and promote the improvement of rural investment environment, tourism environment and development environment.Through the typical lead, to solve the problem of “how to open”.Grasping the scope and timing of the rectification and demolition, we should take it as an important focus to insist on the rectification in accordance with the law, adhere to the party secretary, adhere to the guidance of Party building, adhere to the local conditions.A comprehensive approach should be taken to solve the problem of “what to do after demolition”.Around the qing, gauge, built, governance, tube “five words strategy, built on” yuxi is a big park, village resort “in the target, the demolition and patriotic health” 7 “special action of effective consolidation, rural landscaping greening,” two dirty “governance, beautiful rural construction, the advancement of national unity, creation, rural tourism and so on,We will make solid progress in a five-year campaign to improve the rural living environment and a three-year campaign to make urban and rural areas greener.We will carry out the work of “looking back” to improve toilets in rural areas and ensure that improvements to toilets benefit the people are implemented.Pan yuliang called for supervision and inspection to be carried out regularly to promote rectification, implementation and improvement of rural living environment in an all-round and high-quality way.Zhang Guangyan presided over the meeting, and Sun Jinhui and Yang Jianmin attended the meeting.Yuxi Daily all media reporter: Ji Yongpeng editor: Han Yajiao review: Xu Fengxiang

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