Does the child that learns farming fail reason much outrageous?Bumpy graduation road, net friend: both distressed and want to laugh

Agriculture is actually not the best choice for students, and is even disliked by students, but what students don’t know is that students who work in agriculture will have more choices and a wide range of jobs after graduation.When students choose universities and majors, they will take many things into consideration. After all, it determines whether students can graduate successfully and whether it will affect their employment and future career development. Therefore, students attach great importance to the choice of major, and agriculture has always been not favored by students.The students think that agriculture is very soil, and are happy with the job is dirty and tired, not like some medical professional and financial industries, look so tall, but also a decent job, so to enter oneself for an examination agriculture schools and students were very small, although agriculture, rare, enter oneself for an examination the students only really enter into the professional,Students really realize the fun of learning farming.How funny is the reason that the student that studies agriculture fails?Failed the reasons are various, a net friend, both love and want to laugh because agricultural school is not popular with the students, so lead to school admits fractional line is not very high, so there are a lot of students in order to improve the degree of famous universities will agronomy in enter oneself for an examination, after the students enter the school, only to find that in fact do not imagination of so bad, but college life is quite interesting.Emphasis is in agronomy in practice, not only need students’ theoretical knowledge, but also learn to cultivate the students’ ability, so the school has set up many courses, variety, the teacher will also take the students experience with various agricultural activities, every year do the students have quite rich social practice activity,Some teachers will also require students to pass practical activities as their graduation thesis, so that students can have a deeper understanding of the knowledge of learning agriculture, and finally complete their studies smoothly.But the students want to graduate agriculture can be too not easy, a little attention will fail, and the reasons for failure are strange, not only make people feel funny, there are many netizens in the students to see the reasons for failing, feeling: the road to graduation is full of hardships.The student gets a rape of graduation design, the result rape was blown off their fail, this let a person very helpless, after all, god don’t let than graduate, who also have no way to stop this, there will be a student of sweet potato, the result was stolen didn’t pass the exam, which made many people feel both love and funny.The students going to graduate with his kind of tomatoes as paper, very not easy cultivated small tomato, the result was a chicken to eat, so the student an angry give braised chicken, but I didn’t think this chicken is also a student graduation thesis object, finally lead to the two students have both failed the exam, this not only makes people laugh.The student graduation thesis object is the soybean, the result didn’t withstand the test of god, died soybean results students fail, the result also are miserable, a word not just failed the exam, the students’ graduation design is a fish, watch to graduate, students thought that they will be happy, the results did not think of in one night, however, fish is the cat away and lead to fail,To see these students of agriculture because of natural and man-made disasters of the problem failed, it can be seen that the road to graduation is very bumpy ah.Analysis: If the students see a pile of flowers on the roadside, grass, especially inserted a small card should pay attention to, do not touch, or it will likely lead to the student union graduate, which makes many students in the heart of a gas: don’t provoke me, or you will steal your food.What do students need to pay attention to when preparing their graduation thesis?When students prepare for their graduation thesis, they need to choose a good topic. After choosing a good topic, students can better research, spend more time and energy to learn, so that they will not waste too much time and energy, and finally graduate successfully.Reasonable planning of time students in writing papers, time planning is very important, students in the senior year will begin to determine the graduation thesis, planning each stage should be completed tasks, experimental data to be prepared in advance, so that will successfully complete the graduation thesis.Communicate with the tutor students in preparing for graduation thesis, both on the selected topic and in the process of writing, all want to communicate with teacher much, often the planning for the following with the teacher, what preparation is not sufficient, mentor will provide effective help, and finally graduate thesis is to review your academic advisor, so often should communicate with tutor, counselor,You’ll get twice the result with half the effort.The author would like to say: for agricultural colleges and universities or some agricultural majors, occupy a great advantage, the employment field is very extensive, students will also have a very good development after graduation, can not look down upon agriculture oh, people eat, agricultural development will only get better and better, students can not miss agricultural colleges and universities oh.Topic of the day: Have you seen any weird reasons for failing an F?

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