Interview guidelines for hunan Teachers: Etiquette “Considerations”

As is known to all, China has a history of five thousand years of civilization and is known as the “land of etiquette”.Mr. Kong once said, “If you don’t learn etiquette, you can’t stand it”, which shows the importance of etiquette in our country.And in our preschool teaching interview exam etiquette also has certain norms.That should pay attention to what etiquette can better help us pass the interview?Today, we mainly from the appearance and manners of the two major aspects to learn, let’s begin our learning……(1) Grooming grooming generally refers to a person’s appearance, but actually refers to a person’s appearance.Examinee’s appearance often affects the examiner’s first impression, and then affects the overall score.How to make a good impression on the examiner?1. The head: the hair is clean, the hair is smooth, the hair is proper, the hair color is not excessive, the hair length is moderate, etc.Head small suggestion: the schoolboy hair wants short, the schoolgirl small plait tie also can pull up, reflect a person’s spirit spirit, can not dye some strange hair color!2. Face: face cleaning, glasses cleaning, body hair modification, moderate makeup, etc.Facial tips: Natural makeup is ok, you can apply lipstick that suits your color to modify your complexion, but do not draw exaggerated smoky eye or heavy makeup!3. Hands: finger cleaning, nail length, nail polish, etc.Tips for hands: Nails should be of moderate length, but don’t wear colorful nails.4. Body (clothing) : clean clothes, overall collocation, jewelry accessories, shoes and hats collocation, etc.Dress tips: Dress as simple as possible, not only dress appropriately, but also in line with the characteristics of children’s teachers lively and lovely.(Don’t wear anything that’s too short, too tight, or too revealing!)1. Language expression: speech can see a person’s knowledge and accomplishment, and good language expression is one of the basic conditions for a successful interview.The etiquette of language expression can be roughly divided into two parts: speaking etiquette and listening etiquette.Language tips: Speak decently, don’t hesitantly, stutter;Listen with a smile and look at the baby.2. Behavior: Behavior is a silent “language”, is a person’s image label, can reflect a person’s moral accomplishment and education degree.So, be sure to regulate their behavior in the interview, make it with etiquette norms.The etiquette of behavior generally includes the following contents: (1) Basic posture: standing posture, sitting posture, walking posture.Posture small suggestion: station have station phase, sit have sit phase, can not contain chest hunchback!(2) Body language: gestures, smile, eyes.Body advice: gestures need to be consistent with body posture, eye expression, verbal language, both generous and decent, but also can reflect the characteristics of preschool teachers, do not use too exaggerated gestures, finger, poke, plug pocket, back hand, hair and other indecent gestures oh!In short, we must calm down, practice more at ordinary times, play steadily, boldly show themselves.Hunan Public education believe that you will be able to obtain their own satisfactory results!

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