Shaanxi province distributed 5.93 billion yuan in aid and subsidies to people in need

Recently, shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department held a press conference to release the news: since November 2021, shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department will make every effort to ensure the safety of the people in need of warm winter as the top priority of the current work, and weave a tight and secure safety net.All kinds of aid and subsidy funds will be issued in full and in a timely manner.In December 2021, the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs and the provincial Department of Finance allocated in advance 5.93 billion yuan of central and provincial assistance and subsidies for needy people in 2022, which has been distributed in full.Civil affairs departments at all levels strengthened communication and coordination with financial departments at the same level, and promptly and fully distributed the “two subsidies” for the disabled and winter heating subsidies, benefiting 1.43 million people on subsistence allowances and 126,000 people living in extreme poverty, and providing 450 million yuan in heating subsidies.We will take the initiative to make visits.Civil affairs departments at all levels of the province focus on providing assistance to people in extreme poverty, recipients of subsistence allowances and elderly people, minors and severely disabled people in families on the edge of subsistence allowances. They carry out investigations and regular visits, actively understand the living conditions and heating conditions of people in need, and timely provide necessary assistance measures.We launched a special relief campaign to provide warmth in winter.Civil affairs departments at all levels of the province strengthened coordination and linkage with public security and urban management departments, and increased patrolling, investigation and inspection of vagrants and beggars in concentrated activities and areas where they slept rough.At present, the provincial finance has allocated 55.31 million yuan of relief and subsidy funds for vagrants and beggars in 2022.Local relief and management organizations have sufficient supplies to ensure the smooth implementation of the special relief campaign.According to statistics, the “Warm Winter” special relief campaign has helped 4,460 homeless people and beggars.We will continue to monitor and early warn low-income people to prevent them from falling back into poverty.Civil affairs departments at all levels in the province played the role of a dynamic monitoring information platform for low-income population in the province, including those affected by epidemic and disaster, and those suffering from illness or disability, into the dynamic monitoring scope, giving timely warning of the risk of poor people returning to poverty, and including those eligible for subsistence allowances or assistance and support for people in extreme poverty.In the next step, Shaanxi province will further implement relief funds and strengthen material support;Further strengthen the active discovery mechanism, simplify the work process;Further tamp responsibility, guide civil affairs window service units to resume work and production;We will further strengthen our work style, carry out intensive visits and assistance, and make every effort to ensure the basic living standards of people in need.Look forward to the selection of speed!Shaanxi people return peak!These sections are closed and restricted!Xi Jinping announces the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing2022 one-time Labour to die grant-in-aid criteria: 948240 yuan (national) source: shaanxi post editor: peace of mind | forced the audit supervision, Yang yong welcome published all kinds of certificate loss cancellation notice in shaanxi province first-level newspaper, CN serial number.Long-term publish all kinds of papers and documents lost statement, company cancellation announcements and other kinds of advertising.Need to cooperate with wechat: Y609235490.Telephone number: 13319263266.24 hours hotline for you to open, attentive service!Quick!The same day registration, the next day in the newspaper arrangement express.Price concessions to the industry’s lowest.Write write

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