Small fragrant wind jacket although very simple, but as long as wear right, will make a person eyes shine

Clothes to wear for girls is very important, if not dress collocation, will lack of delicate feeling, even it’s very old, don’t know what to wear clothes of girl can give preference to small sweet wind coat to wear, although small sweet wind coat, most of them are very simple design, but as long as wear by the way, can show people the shine at the moment of visual effect, the following three sets of demonstration,Let’s learn.A brown jacket with blue jeans, simple and atmospheric jacket is a good fashion item to match, can match pants, can also match skirt, according to their own preferences, girls who do not know how to match can learn from the fashion blogger’s style.The fashion blogger opted for a short brown blazer with blue jeans for a dramatic look that was simple, yet bold and age-reducing.The fashion bloggers fit details worth learning, first of all, this little sweet wind coat is brief paragraph design, can say is don’t pick one fashion sheet is tasted, because whether it’s a tall girl or a little girl can easily challenge, especially the little girl if you want to dress show high, then you can choose the similar one outfit.Second, the fashion blogger opted for a white turtleneck sweater for an inside look, adding layers and a fresh look to a simple, scented coat.Also, the fashion blogger’s jeans are minimalist, but are a pair of loose straight pants that give a casual feel and are inclusive enough to be challenged by even the leggy girl.To avoid getting too boring with her outfit, the fashion blogger opted for a bright green shoulder bag that stole the show in the outfit, but didn’t overdo it, adding a touch of style to the outfit.Second, the plover case of black and white alternate with small sweet wind coat black half-length skirt collocation, elegant and gentle want small sweet wind coat to wear a senior feeling, not only to choose the right style, will choose to the clothing color, some girls may to the clothing color is not very good, if the clothing color matching error, it may present a colourful feel.To avoid mistakes and avoid looking too dark for your outfit, opt for black and white, using the style blogger’s method.The fashion blogger opted for a black and white chingha style blazer with a black skirt for a feminine yet elegant look.This little fragrant coat is in black and white, not only avoids monotony, but also avoids boredom, the key is very easy to match and very easy to control.The details of the outfit are well worth learning, as the fashion blogger’s choice of lingerie and skirts, including boots, were all in black for a visually slimming look.Therefore, girls who want to wear a small fragrant coat to give a gentle temperament can choose this similar wear.The little coat is simple, but different ways of putting it together can have completely different visual effects, such as this one worn by fashion blogger, which is fresh and age-reducing, while still giving a casual feel.The fashion blogger’s choice of a white blazer paired with blue jeans and a blue denim shirt underneath really made the look look different.It has to be said that the fashion blogger knows how to mix and match, as this ensemble is mostly in white and blue, which is refreshing and gives a neat look.Simple white small fragrant wind coat can be said to be very versatile, can choose cowboy shirt to serve as inside build, also can choose appropriate sweater to serve as inside build, present delicate feeling easily.These three sets of small fragrant wind coat to wear are very durable, although a look simple, but have to say for most girls, especially do not know how to wear daily wear wear a high-level sense of the girls can learn from.

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