The former OnePlus co-founder says the Phone is challenging the iPhone as an alternative to Apple

At Nothing’s online event called “THE TRUTH,” founder and CEO Carl Pei will unveil Nothing’s first smartphone, called Phone (1).Who’s Carl Pei?Phone of 1?Carl Pei is as unfamiliar to many people as it is to them.Pei Yu was born in Beijing in 1989 and moved to Sweden with his parents.In 2008, I entered The Stockholm School of Economics to study for a bachelor’s degree and dropped out of the university.He joined Nokia in 2010.In 2011, after leaving Nokia, he created a fan website for Meizu, which attracted the attention of Meizu Company. Later, he joined the marketing team of Meizu;In 2012, he left Meizu and joined OPPO under Liu Zuohu.In 2013, he co-founded One Plus with Liu Zuohu. The marketing strategy and publicity methods of One Plus at the beginning of its establishment were all written by Pei Yu.In 2019, Fortune magazine published a list of China’s top 40 businesspeople under 40.That year big guy gathers, byte beat zhang Yiming, big jiang wang Tao, didi cheng Wei, spell many Huang Zheng, fast suhua, Kuai Jia Qi, Day cat of Jiang Fan…Pei Yu made the list at the age of 29.In 2020, Pei left OPPO and founded his own company, Nothing.After the establishment of the company, Pei Yu will focus on the real wireless earphone business.Pei yu posted a thank-you letter on Nothing’s website in 2021 for its first anniversary.Pei Yu said in his letter that he had received orders for 320,000 Ear (1) real wireless earphones, and more than half of the orders had been completed. Pei Yu predicted that the sales volume of Ear (1) could reach 600,000.Just when Nothing was supposed to be a viable business for real wireless headphones, Pei yu shot back: “We’re not an audio company.”Nothing has announced the launch of the Phone smartphone, the centerpiece of the Nothing ecosystem, in the summer of 2022.The Nothing Phone 1 will be an alternative to Apple’s iPhone, According to Pei Yu, who launched the event online.Why is Phone (1) an iPhone replacement?The company, which started out as a real wireless headset and jumped into the mobile world, says it will launch its first product by summer 2022.Few details of the product were available at the event, so why would a company so young and unknown take on Apple?This company is not that simple.In addition to his role as former OnePlus co-founder, Pei yu also acquired Andy Rubin’s smartphone brand Essential on February 16, 2021.Andy Rubin joined Apple as a developer in 1989.After leaving Apple, Rubin led the team that built Android, the mobile operating system. Rubin himself is known as the “father of Android.”In 2005, Android was acquired by Google, which, with Andy Rubin’s help, turned Android into the world’s most popular mobile operating system.After leaving Google, Andy Rubin started a company called Essential in 2015 to focus on developing smartphones and launched the Essential Phone PH-1 in 2017.The launch of Phone PH-1 did not make the “father of Android” prove his ability, but was surrounded by smart phones with the same Android system, and Essential company finally announced its closure.The reluctant Essential team has now relaunched OSOM, and OSOM co-founder and CMO Wolfgang W. Muller says a “summer 2022” launch is likely.Both Phone (1) and OSOM’s new Phone were released in summer. It is not clear whether they are necessarily related, but Jiang Yu’s Nothing is not a “new company” based on Essential’s background.Besides, no other manufacturer seems to be worth mentioning in Jiang yu’s eyes.”The industry is boring now, the peers are becoming more and more alike, and companies don’t have dreams and values to sell things, so we wanted to do something different.”Carl Pei, chief executive and co-founder of Nothing, said: “We have Chinese engineering and supply chain and the strongest industrial design in Europe and the US. We are the only company in the industry other than Apple that has that.””Look neat, opposite mark, replace”, be apple really “persimmon”?When it comes to new brands and product launches, manufacturers seem to “not” if they don’t mention Apple.Either in the product parameters, or in the brand is the same, to Nothing directly want to replace.Apple is so easy to handle that manufacturers really regard apple as a “soft target”?Of course not.Counterpoint’s latest report on 2021 premium phone sales ($400 +) shows Apple crushing the market.Apple had 55% in 2020 and 60% in 2021.Huawei accounted for 6%, Xiaomi 5%…Chinese market, North American market, European market…Apple is far ahead at the high end of the market.In Terms of the Chinese market, the share of High-end Android smartphones priced above $600 fell to 36.5% in 2021 from 44.6% in 2020, while Apple’s share rose to 63.50% from 55.40%.Such a powerful opponent, all need to pay all efforts to have the possibility of matching, matching, and even replacement, rather than just in the release of a mouth, just as “traffic password” to treat.Finally in addition to Pei Yu, domestic manufacturers have been similar to the speech.But beyond words, the bosses’ “actions” have received little effective feedback.As Pei Yu said: “Now the industry is boring, the peers are becoming more and more similar, the company has no dreams and values, for the purpose of selling goods…”It seems that only the scene of the press conference, only the appearance of the target, the replacement is a joke.After Huawei’s “disconnection”, all manufacturers knew that the market was going to empty a lot of shares, so they accelerated the hoarding of chips in order to share the share.In 2020, China purchased $350 billion worth of chips, accounting for nearly half of the global chip market.The results…Apple emerged as the biggest winner.Of course, you still have to have the heart to try to challenge Apple, and you can dream big.But before you dream, do you have to have the capital to support it?Such as R&D investment, differentiated technology development…The market always needs marketing, needs topics, needs traffic, but for the brand recognition of the final interpretation in the consumer.-End- Map source network, if any infringement, please contact delete.

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