Three-winged Bird Smart Home: Immersive home experience, intelligent life at your fingertips

Many of us have seen it in science fiction movies, coming home after a tiring day at work, opening the door and the lights turning on automatically, the meal being prepared just as you were told, and the movie you pre-ordered playing on the TV.This scenario is now realized by tripteris in the smart home, which makes it easy to feel immersed in home life.In this era of network development, intelligent home appliances are not uncommon, most of them are a software for specific electrical control, unable to achieve multi-way collaborative operation.Mutual intransigence between brands has become the criticism of poor consumption experience.As a high-end brand of Haier, Haier, as a traditional household appliance brand, has been deeply engaged in the household appliance industry for many years. Now, the joint Three-winged bird has put forward one-stop decoration service for the problems encountered in the current industry. From the delivery of the house to all the decoration customization between the stay, Three-winged Bird can easily cope.Three wings bird one-stop custom house of wisdom, is the collection of the appliances, household, home decoration, home life of one-stop services, for daily common identified nine big style decorates a style, has more than 1000 ecological brand, has stores in many cities, have special services provide one-on-one service housekeeper, according to different door model the designer will provide a unique design,Let you decorate each cost at a glance, it can be said that they are considered, will not let you spend a minute extra costs.The center of three-winged bird’s smart platform is Haier Smart Home, an Internet of things platform for home appliances, which is the core of smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bedroom, smart balcony, etc.It can connect thousands of haier’s smart home appliances and realize the interconnection between smart home appliances in the whole house.Here you can see the overall situation of the smart home. If there is any change, it can realize multi-screen coordination and push to the running device, so that you can get the latest news in time. One screen can control everything and manage the smart home easily.House from the beginning of living, to the present smart home experience.As a pioneer in the transformation of digital intelligence, The Three-winged bird realizes N scenes by integrating and increasing resources, endow the home with the power of science and technology to meet the needs of daily life, and even cover the whole scene of the intelligent home with clothing, food, housing, transportation and entertainment.Let everyone feel the intelligent life more closely, enjoy the immersive home experience.As the world’s first scenario-oriented smart home, Three Wings bird opens a new era of one-stop customization and promotes the innovation of smart home. Interested partners can go to the nearest experience store to experience a good core intelligent life scene, which can bring you the ultimate experience.

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