376!Open recruitment!(Attached with personnel schedule)

Due to work needs, Shangcheng County plans to recruit 376 government employees to work in the administrative villages (communities) under the jurisdiction of shangcheng County.The specific announcement is as follows: i. Recruitment scope and conditions Personnel with the following qualifications can apply for 1.Abide by state laws and regulations, conduct.2. Aged above 18 and below 35 (born after January 1, 1987 and before January 1, 2004).3. College degree or above in general higher education.4. Willing to engage in village and community work, know agriculture, love rural areas, love farmers, have the spirit of loyalty and dedication, bear hardships and stand hard work.5. Physical fitness required for normal performance of job duties.6. Obey organizational assignments.1. Those who have ever received criminal punishment for committing a crime or have been expelled from public office or school.2. Those who have been subject to party or government discipline sanctions and have not been removed, or are being investigated and dealt with due to violation of law and discipline.3. Active servicemen, students in regular institutions of higher learning.(4) Persons who forge relevant certificates, certifying materials or commit other acts of fraud.5. Persons who belong to or have belonged to evil cult organizations.6. Other personnel who are not suitable for the job.1. Adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality, competition and merit-based recruitment.2. Adhere to the principle of combining examination and assessment.Adhere to the principle of integrity and ability.This recruitment is organized and implemented by the county Human resources and Social Security Bureau.In line with the principle of open procedures and fair results, the recruitment will be carried out according to the procedures of registration, qualification review, examination, physical examination, publicity and recruitment.(I) Time, place and Method of registration This open recruitment will be conducted by on-site registration.Registration time: February 19, 2022 to February 28, 2022 (8:00-12:00 am, 2:30-5:30 PM).Registration place: Service hall, 1st floor, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shangcheng County.Applicants should bring 3 original and photocopies of their ID card, residence booklet, graduation certificate and other relevant certificates, and 4 recent bare-faced 1-inch color photos (no background color is allowed) to register on site.The examination qualification examination runs through the whole process of the recruitment work. The materials provided by the applicants must be true and effective. If the applicants are found to be unqualified or fraudulent, their examination and employment qualifications will be cancelled after verification.(3) Applicants who have passed the qualification examination of getting the admission ticket should go to the registration place with their valid ID card to get the admission ticket on March 4, 2022 from 8:00 am to 11:30 am and 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM. Those who do not get the admission ticket after the deadline will be regarded as giving up.The admission ticket should be kept properly. The admission ticket and id card should be presented for the written test, interview and physical examination.Examination The examination is divided into written test and interview.1. The written test.The written test will be a closed-book test with a full score of 100.Public basic knowledge includes political theory, law, management, document writing, current affairs and politics, etc.Please refer to the admission ticket for the time, place and precautions of the written test.2. The interview.According to the written test scores of townships (streets, management office) according to the planned recruitment of 1:3 ratio from high to low score to determine the personnel into the interview.Candidates with the lowest score in the written examination may be included in the interview.If the number of people interviewed and the number of people to be recruited can not reach the specified proportion, the interview will be conducted according to the actual personnel who take the written test.The interview will be conducted in a structured way with a full score of 100.During the interview, if the competition cannot be formed due to reasons such as abstention or lack of examination, the candidates for the interview shall reach the minimum score line, and those who fail to reach the minimum score line shall not enter the next procedure.The minimum interview score is 75.This examination does not hold also does not entrust any organization to hold the examination counselling training class.(5) Grade Calculation After the interview, the percentage system shall be adopted according to the proportion of the written test score accounting for 50% and the interview score accounting for 50%.That is, total score = written test score ×50%+ interview score ×50% Written test score, interview score, and total score are reserved with two decimal points.In case of an equal total score, the one with the highest written score will be given priority.If the written test and interview scores are equal, those with higher education background are preferred.(vi) Physical examination According to the total score of the examination in order from high to low, according to the planned recruitment 1:1 ratio of physical examination.Those who fail the physical examination will be compensated according to the total score of the examination. The time of physical examination will be notified separately.(7) The personnel who have passed the physical examination shall be inspected in a 1:1 ratio.Vacancies caused by unqualified personnel shall be filled according to procedures in descending order of examination results.(8) Publicity According to the results of physical examination and examination results, the candidates will be selected and publicized.(9) After the announcement of recruitment distribution without objection, the party (industry) committee of each township (street, administration office) shall uniformly arrange the proposed recruits to work in the administrative villages (communities) under its jurisdiction.In accordance with the law of the People’s Republic of China villagers committee “, “” the urban residents committees of the People’s Republic of China regulations on the rural grassroots organization work of the communist party of China, the measures for the implementation of henan province related procedures, recommend to recruit personnel selection for the village (community), the members of the” two committees “, and sign the appointment letter of commitment.The distribution opinions shall be reported to the organization Department of the county Party Committee, the county People and Social Security Bureau, the county finance Bureau and the county Civil affairs Bureau for the record.The salary standard of the selected staff is implemented in accordance with 2030 YUAN/month for junior college students, 2130 yuan/month for undergraduate students and 2330 yuan/month for graduate students (including the social insurance premium payable by individuals), and they enjoy the right to work continuously at the basic post for more than one year.Each additional year of working time will increase the salary of 100 yuan per month for the length of service. Meanwhile, according to law, government employees will be provided with basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees, basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents (including maternity insurance), unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and housing provident fund.The government buys the fund that guard personnel needs to be unified by county finance arrangement solves.Five, the supervision and administration in accordance with the “who use, who management, who assessment” principle, by the villages and towns (streets, management office) party (Labour) appoint after the recruitment selection for the village (community), the members of the “two committees” to supervise the staff and the examination, the assessment results are divided into three grades: excellent, qualified and unqualified, which can determine the ratio of good grades: 30% a year,The proportion of substandard grade is 5%.1. Implement the incentive mechanism.According to the CPC henan provincial party committee organization department, human resources and social security hall of henan province “on further strengthening and improving the institution open recruitment work opinion” (yu club career [2016] no. 4) and CPC henan provincial party committee organization department, human resources and social security hall of henan province “about strengthening and improving the implementation of the poverty-stricken counties in our province institution open recruitment work opinion” (yuIn the spirit of the document (No. 75, 2017), “Actively explore the recruitment of township public institutions staff from outstanding village cadres and other front-line production personnel” and “actively carry out recruitment of township (town) public institutions management staff from outstanding village cadres according to the actual work and business development needs”.In the annual recruitment of public institutions, the county every year to take out 30 posts, that is, each township (street) at least every year to take out 1-2 township (street) business establishment, for a total of 2 years and more than the annual assessment of excellent grade of personnel recruitment.The specific implementation is based on the recruitment plan of public institutions in that year.2. Implement an exit mechanism.For the unqualified personnel, according to the relevant contents of the Letter of Commitment.The website of shangcheng County People’s Government (http://www.hnsc.gov.cn) is the special website for this recruitment. The information about the examination recruitment and related matters will be published through this website. Please pay attention to the inquiry.Matters not covered in this plan shall be studied and decided by the recruitment committee of government post purchasing personnel of Commercial cities and counties.Contact: 0376-7951906, 0376-7971018 Appendix: 1.The villages and towns, streets, government purchase and post management recruitment personnel schedule 2. The shangcheng county in 2022, the open recruitment government purchase work personnel to the village (community) the open recruitment service registration registration form the shangcheng county government purchasing duty personnel recruitment commission on February 18, 2022 in attachment 1 the villages and towns, streets, government purchase and post management recruitment personnel schedule complete accessories, click on the “reading”Shangcheng County people’s government network past wonderful review of the province’s first batch!Xinyang 2 urgently looking for persons!Henan announced a contact track!Related to train station, shopping mall Xinyang successive warning!Xinyang Daily · Some content and pictures transferred from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete;The copyright of the original article belongs to the official wechat of Xinyang Daily. 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