AG super game will be difficult to return to group S, not in the first round of the top two, the second round of group S probability is zero

What is the basis of winning the KPL League?In order to win the KPL league, one of the basic conditions is to advance to group S, because only in group S, can one have a chance to advance to the winner’s group, which has an extra chance of losing compared to the loser’s group, and the competition system is also very advantageous.Hero, the champion of last spring, ranked fourth in group S of regular season and champion of winner group of playoffs. Wuhan eStar, the champion of autumn season, ranked first in regular season and champion of winner group of playoffs. So far, the overall champion is winner group champion.Therefore, in order to win the championship, the first step is to advance to Group S in the regular season. However, because the fall competition failed to reach the first round of the playoffs, AG Super Game club was divided into Group A in this spring tournament. Although there are two opportunities to advance to Group S in Group A, from the current situation, AG Super Game Club is facing difficulties to return to Group S.If AG does not advance to group S in the first round, there is almost no chance for the second round.In the first round of the spring tournament, there is no card match for the teams in Group S. As long as the teams ranked fifth and sixth, they will be relegated to Group A. Therefore, it has no direct relation to the promotion of Group A.AG super game club wants to advance to group S, as long as the top two in Group A, you can advance directly.In group A to AG super game will be the biggest threat is DYG team, in the previous autumn game is so, but this spring game OF DYG, the reintroduction of Xiangjun, and xiaoyi formed A wild shooting double core, DYG team strength improved several levels, AG super game will want to crush DYG is A little difficult.And other teams, MTG, LGD goose, RW man, Xi ‘an WE have also carried out a small range of aid, only AG super play will still be in place, and even said the strength is regressive, after all, Zhang Angle’s return, will bring AG super play will be what, WE know nothing.In the first round of the regular season, AG Super Game club wants to smoothly enter the top two and advance to Group S, which is indeed a bit far-fetched. According to the strength, DYG may advance to the first group, AG Super Game club needs to compete with the other four teams for a spot.In the second round, the AG supergame might not even have a chance to make it to the top two.Not to mention the second round of the SA card match, in the first round, group B will advance to group A teams, AG super game may be difficult to beat.With A luxury WB lineup, it should be very easy to advance to Group A. With the addition of head coach Flower floor, WB team should be the first in group A of the second round.At the same time star trace return Hero long race, also has A great chance to advance to group A in the first round, coupled with the first round S group fell off the two teams, AG super game competition, much bigger than the first round, and AG super game will also fall into group B danger.AG super game will have A chance to return to group S, only in the first round, because group A team is the weakest in the first round, AG super game will have A chance to fight for the first place in Group A.In the second round, group A will not only have group B big devil king team to advance, but also have the strength of group S team to fall into, AG super game will be much more pressure, if AG super game will continue to be as unambitious as before, fall into group B miss the playoffs, it is not impossible.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to peach Yao Hua

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