And to President Guo Yangcheng

And to Guo Yangcheng director (two) author/Shun Zi (one) according to the rhyme and to Guo Yangcheng director of the Yuan Evening before the rhyme flow first, elegant poetry warm blue sky.Admire enfu contendto see fast, respected reputation.2022.2.14 Attached Guo Yangcheng President Hara Jade: 2022 Yuanxiao spring initiation is still cold night, thousands of lights as sleepless.Hometown total phase memory, clear water far moon is hanging.2022.2.14 (II) Step rhyme and presented to President Guo Yangcheng, white wrapped in silver to reflect the red flag, the grand event welcomed spring with Lu Qiong.Huanyu shout are drunk, coincides with the Yuan Eve celebration and with.2022.2.15 attached guo Yangcheng president Yuan jade: 2022 Yuanxiao five rings and lined with five stars red, the month sprinkle qinghui qiong everywhere.Ice and snow usher in distant visitors, yuan Night today or ever with.2022.2.14

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