Green Deal and technology development in Europe

According to a report released last May by the European Parliament’s Artificial Intelligence Committee, the “Green Deal” has undoubtedly aroused the interest of EU countries in announcing that they will use artificial intelligence to implement it, Bulgarian National Radio reported February 14.Is there a chance for Bulgaria’s “green deal” to develop more AI-based technologies?European countries want to harness the power of AI to achieve green goals.Bulgaria is the same, but at the level of ai development concepts.Hope to be a leader in the use of artificial intelligence, Denmark, Hungary plans to use it to manage the energy associated with renewable energy power generation network, France plans to establish a focus on the research center of artificial intelligence and environmental transformation, and promote free access to environmental data, Italy’s national strategic plan to use artificial intelligence to plan how to save resources, prediction and management of waste recycling,Or avoid overproduction in the food sector.Spain’s food industry has an annual turnover of around 119 billion euros, and between 30 and 50 percent of food is lost or discarded before it reaches customers.Sixty percent of Spanish factories produce large amounts of plastic waste during packaging.Bulgaria, in its report to the European Parliament, also wants to modernize the health care system, monitor and protect the environment, and develop smart agriculture, including “smart agriculture” and “smart crop production.”The document on the development of AI in Bulgaria states that of the 380 businesses in Bulgaria, 54% use at least one AI technology, 31% use at least two technologies, and only 36% do not use AI technology and do not intend to use it.Source: Economic and Commercial Section, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

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