Northeast pharmaceutical net profit pre-increase 553%-879%?Performance into the new long-term

Northeast Pharmaceutical co., LTD. (SZ.000597) expects substantial growth in performance, and with the resumption of growth, the company appears to have entered a new round of growth.On January 29, Northeast Pharmaceutical released its 2021 annual earnings forecast, which is expected to increase in the same direction.The company is expected to report the period attributable to shareholders of listed companies before the deduction of net profit between 80 million yuan and 120 million yuan, compared with the same period last year growth of 552.70% to 879.05%, basic earnings per share 0.06 yuan/share -0.09 yuan/share;During the same period, net profit after non-deduction was between 50 million yuan and 75 million yuan, up 213.67%-370.51% over the same period last year.For the reasons of performance changes, Northeast Pharmaceutical said in the announcement, during the reporting period, with the effective control of the domestic epidemic, Northeast Pharmaceutical actively carry out sales business, develop differentiated marketing strategies, effectively improve product competitiveness;At the same time, the company continues to strengthen enterprise management, using the adjustment of structure, technology, process optimization, cost reduction and efficiency and other measures, will be refined management quantified to each post, so that the benefits in the supply, production and marketing of each link fully reflected, to achieve the benign development of the company;The moves helped the company’s net profit, excluding non-recurring gains and losses, soar.From 2020 to 2021, Northeast Pharmaceutical Will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.In 2020, the company devoted itself to the prevention and control of COVID-19, and donated RMB 67.323,500 yuan to foreign countries, which reduced its total profit by RMB 67.323,500 yuan in 2020.In 2021, the company’s external donation expenditure was 16.047,600 yuan, which was used to support flood control, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction in Henan and Shanxi Provinces, affecting the total profit reduction of 16.047,600 yuan in 2021.The charges were recorded as non-recurring gains and losses in 2020 and 2021, respectively.Performance into the new long-term half annual report shows that Northeast pharmaceutical is liaoning Fangda Group Industrial Co., LTD., a listed company, the company was formerly known as the Northeast Pharmaceutical General Factory, founded in 1946, has assisted the construction of the national 19 provinces and cities of 52 pharmaceutical enterprises, to transport more than 1,300 cadres, known as the cradle of China’s national pharmaceutical industry.Over the years, the company adhering to the original intention and mission of “pharmaceutical for the country”, adhere to the brand concept of “health to you”, has won the general recognition of all walks of life, formed a higher market visibility and reputation.At present, the main business of Northeast Pharmaceutical covers chemical pharmaceutical (API, preparation), pharmaceutical business (wholesale, chain), pharmaceutical engineering (pharmaceutical design, manufacturing and installation), biomedicine and other major business segments, covering the whole industrial chain of pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing and distribution.The company has vitamin series drugs, anti-infective medicine, gynecology and obstetrics preparation, the digestive system drugs, urinary system, series of antiviral drugs, cardiovascular drugs, pain relieving cough medicine, biological diagnostic series, a series of large areas of health, etc. 10 series products, more than 400 kinds of chemical active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and drug product.At present, its leading products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions.In the first half of 2021, 57.86% of the company’s revenue came from pharmaceutical manufacturing, 40.14% came from pharmaceutical commerce and 2% came from other sources.If broken down by products, 18.15% of the company’s revenue comes from raw material sales, 39.41% from preparation sales and 42.44% from other sources.It was listed in a-share market in 1996. At present, Dongbei Pharmaceutical is one of the largest API manufacturers in China and the mainstream supplier in the world.Among them, the company is one of the world’s mainstream suppliers of vitamin C;The main domestic manufacturer of medical left card, and the international core supplier of left card series products;The company’s fosfomycin sodium occupies more than 70% of the domestic market share, and exports to the international market;Chloramphenicol is the world’s largest supplier;Methyl caprost is a national innovative drug, for the exclusive product;Northeast Pharmaceutical co., Ltd. is the first enterprise to realize the marketing of berberine in China, and owns the largest total synthesis production line of berberine in China.The net profit after deduction of shareholders belonging to the parent company of Northeast Pharmaceutical was 42 million yuan, 121 million yuan and 16 million yuan respectively, with a growth rate of -63.18%, 185.8% and -86.77% during the same period.In the first three quarters of 2021, the company’s R&D expenses were 34.01 million yuan, down 25.7 percent year on year.In 2019 and 2020, the company invested 140 million yuan and 130 million yuan in R&D, accounting for 1.71 percent and 1.7 percent of its operating revenue, respectively.This article is from electric Eel Express

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