There is no off-season in The Shanghai stage

Just after the start of spring, Shanghai’s major drama, musical crews have started work, a spring is in the air.Since yesterday, the Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Common Stage, People’s Grand Stage and star Space, which consists of Asia Tower, Big World and New Light and Shadow Art Center, have all restarted their resident performances and various long-run performances in the “Performing Arts world” area.A variety of literary and artistic life will be presented simultaneously with the rhythm of urban work: suspense musicals Novel, Hidden Corner, immersive musicals Apollonia, Santalucia, Dangerous Game, and drama Hello, I’m looking for Smith.In Shanghai, there is no off season for performing arts.In the coming month, nearly 40 plays and musicals will be staged, almost every day from downtown to five new cities.The two categories are the “hottest” in The Shanghai performing arts market in 2021 — the box office of the drama market is far ahead, reaching 209 million yuan, followed by the box office of the musical 106 million yuan. In the absence of imported plays, local popular funds and excellent works are frequently produced. The “Year of the Tiger” makes people more expected for the market performance in 2022.The reporter found that for this year’s performance market “hit” the vast majority of these drama, musical works after several rounds of long-term performance is still considerable box office results, the audience second, third brushings enthusiasm is not reduced, showing the strong market vitality of local production.Revising, adjusting and growing up in performance after performance, they are marching towards the direction of long-lived repertory and fine repertory.Shanghai’s pioneering new space performance, represented by “Star Space” in Asia Tower, has become a dynamic soil for the growth of environmental drama and a market source to attract gen Z audiences.Over the past year, Starspace has been expanding its territory, changing and upgrading its performance space and mode.Following the introduction of the immersive suspense musical “Dangerous Game” in the performance venue of the big World, the old Shanghai New Light and Shadow Art Theater was also transformed into the first home theater of “Star Space” in January this year.The Chinese version of The off-Broadway musical Count Down with You, the first of its kind, opened after the festival yesterday, drawing huge crowds.It is only a 15-minute walk from The New Light and Shadow Art Center, where the mystery musical Hidden Corner, which will receive attention in 2021, opened its new round of 23 performances yesterday.Also lighting up were “twin versions” of the mystery musical “Novel” : a grand theater version performed at the People’s Grand Stage;One is an immersive musical version performed at The Asia Building.The suspense musical FLAMES also returned to the stage the day before.In just two days, the musical company named “Miushike” launched five dramas of the same period. With a strong posture, it joined the competition of professional theater and new space in different tracks in “Performing Arts World”.In the world of performing arts, a number of small but beautiful musicals and plays usher in continuous innovation in creation and management mode.”The Frankenstein Project,” a mirror resident drama that offers “two perspectives and two experiences,” and “Janice Kiki,” a complex immersive drama, will return soon.The environmental musical “The Lighthouse”, the comedy “Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles” and the variety Live Show “Dumbass: Kevin’s Law” will be on the air soon.”Santa Lucia” and “Apolonia,” the immersive musicals that became the country’s first “Star Space” resident brand and attracted tourists to lug their suitcases to see the play, will also open their doors again on Valentine’s Day.The unique experience of changing the cast, such as changing the play, makes every actor’s interpretation become very memorable.A year later, the enthusiasm of the audience is still high, and it has become the “source of happiness” in the urban entertainment life.Shanghai Grand Theater, as a professional theater, also opened its colorful performances at the beginning of this year. The famous Polish director Luopa’s adaptation of Shi Tiesheng’s drama “Alcoholic” will return to Shanghai after five years. The four-hour marathon experience will lead the audience into a collision of Chinese and Western cultures.Shanghai Drama Art Center has suspense drama And Then There Were None and musical I LOVE YOU…The red stage play “Wave” and the suspense play “Plaintiff’s Witness” followed.In addition, erdo Children’s Troupe’s English musical “Ears for Sound”, cross-talk drama “Still Beautiful” led by Yu Qian and Yan Xuejing, Meng Jinghui’s play “Two Dogs’ Life Advice”, and the original musical “Amanda’s 38th birthday” by Shanghai Drama Society will be staged in a month.In recent years, Shanghai has been actively exploring “performing arts +”, integrating different formats in a cross-border way and exploring the diversity of cultural, commercial and tourism integration development, which has led to an endless stream of immersive experience products originated from environmental drama.They sink into the new space of each city and become a brand new category of performing arts in the consumer market.The mahua Funage Theatre “Crazy Barbershop”, located in Moon Bay, Ruihong World, sold out quickly after the new round of ticket opening.The new century-old building “Current Tide 8 Lane” welcomed an environmental musical performance. “Little Jack” hidden in ARK LIVE HOUSE created a romantic world where bars, rain screens and hand-painted scenes blend together, bringing the performance closer to the audience’s heart.At “Shipyard 1862” by lujiazui, the full-sensory immersion suspense theater “Medical Examiner Qin Ming – The Corpse Whisperer” is popular with young audiences for its adrenaline rush, immersion and reasoning.In sixing Warehouse, a patriotic education base, the immersive drama Secret has become a popular place for many companies and groups to build. After more than 200 performances, the show will be upgraded in March.The vitality of performing arts is radiating from the world of performing arts. “Every day there are performances, all kinds of choices” has kicked off the “good start” of the Chinese New Year performance market in Shanghai.Whether you are in the city, the suburbs or the five new cities, you can feel the heat of the performing arts market.Business surging jiangning Road around, Shanghai Arts and Entertainment Group to create a small theater musical series concert “The One” will bring together The star musical singers will be cast, The performance of The musical “Interview” “Smoke” more than 30 moving songs.In the Oriental Arts Center, Meng Jinghui’s play “The Song of The Sad Cafe” asks the questions of love and loneliness with impressive stage installations and performances.By the side of Yuanxiang Lake in Jiading New Town, the one-angle poetic drama Love Chang ‘an will bring romantic emotional healing to Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre.”The whole city has drama” also reflects that everyone can be a performer and participant in the drama.Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land, which has been performed for more than 30 years, is the most popular work of Lai Shengchuan and his performance workshop.Since 2017, the Shanghai Theater has been performing “Unrequited Love in Peach Blossom Land”, selecting folk opera lovers to perform their own “Unrequited Love in Peach Blossom Land”. This year’s performance will start on February 23.Shanghai Theater provides top stage equipment, professional stagehands, professional stage props for formal performances, professional makeup guidance, etc., to help each participant realize their dream of drama.The newly renovated YOUNG Theater, located at 1155 Kangjiang Road, Yangpu District, is nearing completion.The 2022 version of “Beautiful Day,” an opening drama directed by Li Jianjun, director of New Youth Theater, will open in March this year.Twenty actors and actresses living and working in Shanghai will take the stage to share their “beautiful day” in their eyes, hearts and memories, telling a true and touching story about Shanghai.

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