Xu Changsuo may make adjustments, the 23-year-old star may be re-used, he may become a surprise

CBA league match in the second stage is over, the league is in a league of intermittent period, the second stage after the match, shandong men’s basketball team won 15 only 13 record, the record is not fans feel satisfied, shandong men’s basketball team must fill in this season is strong, but there has been no fans expect for shandong men’s basketball team,The team struggled at both ends of the attack and defense, with coach Xu Changsuo undoubtedly facing huge doubts.Xu Changsuo in tactical deployment and on the must have has a big gap with gong xiabin, and he was not for the team to control force to gong xiabin, but for now Xu Changsuo job is stable, after all Xu Changsuo had no coaching experience, high-speed group still showed more patience to him,The club also equipped him with a number of assistant coaches in the second stage to help him grow, Xu Changsuo will continue to improve in the third stage of the competition.In the third stage will be ahead of the games, under the condition of Xu Changsuo may make some adjustment to the team, according to media reports, the fans expect Ding Yanyu navigation third stage may still can’t play, it is understood that Ding Yanyu navigation of the injury is not optimistic, Ding Yanyu navigation big probability for the season, so Xu Changsuo needs to make a change in the front position,In the second stage of the game, liu Guancen’s condition on the front line is not good, and Li Jingyu’s contribution to the defense is getting smaller and smaller as the age increases.Actually on the small forward position, the young player should get Xu Changsuo reuse, this person is Hou Peizuo, Hou Peizuo only 23 years old this year, is one of the best players training academy in xinjiang, the period of the game in the second quarter, Xu Changsuo have begun to gradually give Hou Peizuo more chances of playing, Hou Peizuo though on the offensive end performance is not so bright eye,But his contribution to the team on the defensive end is very big, and his execution on the floor is very strong, if he can be used in the third period, then he may be the biggest surprise of the team.

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